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Turn on Airbnb login notifications

Hello everyone,

Based on a tip from @Evelyn (thanks Evelyn) see http://www.evelynbadia.com/blog/2015/8/25/airbnb-closed-your-account-now-what?rq=airbnb%20closed%20your%20account
I checked out “Login Notifications” on my Airbnb account.

Under that is the Login History, which I don’t get sent by default. Imagine my surprise when I saw the following (see end of message). I’ve never been to Oregon in my life, and I’ve never heard of Boardman. Nor have I ever possessed an iPhone. This could be an error on the part of Airbnb, but in any case, I’ve just changed my password, and enabled Login Notifications. I recommend everyone else do the same. I think this setting should probably be enabled by default.

BTW, I’ve seen no sign of any kind of unauthorized activity in my account. If someone in Boardman actually managed to log into my account, I’ve no idea how he or she could have obtained my password. Or if he/she did anything. I notice Airbnb doesn’t say that the account holder should contact them, as a bank would.

Boardman, OR, United States 27 days ago Logged Out

Boardman, OR, United States 4 months ago Logged Out

Boardman, OR, United States 4 months ago Logged Out

I have it turned on from the outset; long ago got a ‘goofy’ log-out (but not log-in) like you did so changed password just in case also. Cool feature.

Strange. I am also getting Boardman, OR logins by iPhone! Never been there.
I did a little digging and found out the town is home to Amazon’s data center.
They also happen to be airbnb pricing service PriceMethod’s servers. See http://pricemethod.com.websiteoutlook.com/
Yes. we did use that website once, so maybe they are accessing our accounts?

As @hypertokyo said, you have probably given a dynamic pricing service access to your Airbnb account. This is how they can “push” your new rates. They obtained your password because you gave it to them.

Hi @hypertokyo and @smartbnb.io ,

I’ve never heard of Pricemethod, but it’s possible that some kind of pricing service was accessing my account. Though I have no recollection of allowing one to do so. In any case, I’ve now changed my password.

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