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Turks and Caicos Islands & The Dominican Republic


Hi everyone,

My other half and I are going to the Turks and Caicos & The Dominican Republic over the xmas and new years period (25th dec to the 9th). Has anyone been? and recommendations? This will be our first time to the Caribbean and I’m a bit nervous.

Airbnb properties seem to be almost the same price as hotels that time of year!



Kirsty, as I have stated many times here, I would never book as an Air guest. I want a hotel. But sometimes it does take a while to find the right place. Because I’m heading to DC in January to take my son to his U.S. Senate internship, I looked through all the usual sites to try to find a boutique style hotel in a good area for under $100 in one of the most expensive cities in the country. It took some doing! But I found a great place I am thrilled with… ( The hotel site was “getaroom.com” and it was cheaper than booking directly.)

I’ve already written to the hotel staff and they’ve answered promptly and warmly. I don’t have to pay a deposit or cleaning like I charge MY guests. :slight_smile: There’s tax but it’s still under $90 per night. There’s free wine and cheese in the lobby every evening, with a toasty fireplace, free wiffi and free bike rentals. It’s right on Embassy Row so the location is prime.

I doubt I’d find any AirBnBs in the city with those amenities for $88 per night.


I didn’t even think of that… here I’am going through booking.com and tripadvisor! ok great thanks I haven’t heard of getaroom - i’ll take a look.


I had my first Airbnb stay in Paris recently. Having said I would NEVER use Airbnb as a guest. But it was fantastic. For the same price as a hotel room in a less appealing part of Paris, I got to stay in a beautiful 1 bedroom apartment with with sitting room, kitchen, and beautiful bathroom in an amazing part of town. Host provided coffee, tea, basics etc and there was something really nice about being able to spread out and the view was gorgeous.

Sometimes you look at the price of an Airbnb room and think that’s almost the same as a hotel, but you’re usually getting a lot more. I know guests are at my place.


I loved Grand Turk for some amazing diving and I spent a couple of nights in Provo – where are you staying? Unlike other hosts, I use AirBnB and vrbo all the time as a guest – as long as the reviews are solid, I’ve always had a very good experience. I’ve found that the worst part of traveling in the Caribbean is mediocre food – former British colonies have the worst food, in my experience, with the exception of Jamaica.

T&C is a really upscale travel destination and I encountered none of the hustle that is a standard feature of traveling to countries where there is a good deal of poverty. Everything felt very resort-like on Provo since we stayed on Grace Bay (to the point where I didn’t want to stay there too long) but I know some people love that. The beach and water are gorgeous. Have a great time!


We’re looking around the Grace bay area - just because its close to everything and we don’t want to hire a car etc. It’s peak season which is why the resorts/hotels and Air places are all the same price @Wilburforce - but I do agree with you. It’s mostly all inclusive places which I’ve never done before (it seems very american focused to us?). I’ve found this place: http://www.vacationhomerentals.com/232104
which looks great!


For sure that is true in my area of Hawaii. For under $100 there is only the local hotel (in business since 1912) right along the highway. Or the Pineapple Park Hostel. $89 per night with shared bath and kitchen.


Kona, I’m curious why you’d never stay at an Airbnb as a guest yourself?


I should never say “never,” but I guess I just prefer to have a hotel, where I am anonymous, where I don’t have to pay a deposit or cleaning, where I’m treated well… Where I have daily cleaning… where I can check in without any problem at any hour. Where they can call me a cab… where they can take my bags… where I can cancel free up to two days before, where I have free wine and cheese in the lobby by the fire nightly, :slight_smile: … I dunno. Things like that. :slight_smile:

I’m so happy with the hotel I found in DC. The price with tax was under $90 a night. I don’t see that option on Air in DC, unless it’s a shared space in someone’s house. I don’t want that kind of experience. Too many unknowns. I want to be in a hotel.

Honestly, if budget is a concern, I really don’t think you save that much money with Air… unless you are in specific destinations like Kona with few or none mid-level priced hotels… In fact none. Maybe two total that I can think of. The rest are expensive and have resort fees nightly.


Hi Kirsty, we’ve worked with Basia at http://www.turkscaicosluxuryvillas.com

Pretty high end properties so budget might be an issue! However, we made a guide with her which might be interesting to flick through as you said you’d never been to Turks (it’s Provo focus so perfect for your Grace Bay preference).

Hope you have fun!!


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