Trying to figure out VRBO Fees

My first VRBO guest just checked out (great guests btw) and I am updating my records for book keeping.
I am having a hard time figuring out all the fees associated with the booking. I managed to find receipts for 3 of the fees.

  1. Pay Per Booking commission
  2. Payment Processing Fee
  3. Another Payment Processing Fee (Maybe because the payment was split in two)

Now looking at my payout however there is a discrepancy of €0.55 which are not accounted for in these receipts. An email was sent to me on the day the payout was sent stating:

Settlement Details
Total Amount EUR187.67
Disbursed As EUR187.12

These is no explanation as to why there is this discrepancy or a receipt that covers the €0.55 difference.

Has anyone ever experienced this?


Variation in exchange rate?

The guest pays what they call “Service Fee” you pay “Booking and Payment Processing Fee”