Troublesome guests - Just venting - nothing to see here :-)

I have just two grumpy old Austrailian guests my UK Listing. I knew from the first second of speaking with them it was not going to go well. They had a venomous attitude. After seeing them trying to park their car I knew these pair had trouble written on their foreheads. nothing good enough - everything and everybody was against them. I figured they were just tired after a long flight.

They came to my self-catering appartment with no food and I took them in my own car to two supermarkets to get supplies - They were just barely able to drive and as for parking…Jesus.

They had bought a SIM card for their phone in Ireland and wondered why it would not work in the UK - they started moaning at me about it - even helping them get on my WiFi did not appease them :hot_face:

They seemed wholly unequipped for foreign travel and anything they were not used to at home is phasing them completely. They have minor mobility problems and the gent has a chest infection - nice. but no reason to be nasty to strangers.

Three times they knocked on my door unable to work something or find something that was made clear in the listing handbook and that was their first night.

As a host and businessman I bit my tongue and was as nice as pie with them.

Imagine my horror when they gave me 5/10 for every aspect of my listing and zero positive comments, only silly spurious negetive ones.

I was incandescent with rage on reading same especially as all my previous scores were 10/10

In short they were BASTARDS!!!

ah right … I feel a little better now :slight_smile:

Thankfully my other Aussie guests were a dream


Sorry about the guests. I have to ask, are you on a different scale from the rest of us? Not an Airbnb booking? Figure of speech?

Hopefully they got the thumping in your review of them that they deserve.

I made my views clear and yes it was BDC. What made me choke was they pinged me on location, which as they had to drive everywhere because of a mobility impairment was a bit odd - simply put they were being unneccsarily nasty

My response…

"You turned up at a self-catering appartment with no food and I gave up my evening to drive you in my car to not one, but two supermarkets. I helped you both from and to your car with your heavy luggage. I came down and demonstrated the use of the hob to yourself.

Space - you insisted on bringing two of the largest suitcases into the apartment which clearly has limited your own space

Ventilation - The apartment has an extractor fan which automatically turns on when you enter the bathroom and the kitchen has a manual extractor fan which you failed to use. I utterly reject the distortions In this outrageous and unfair review."


I know the general view is to avoid leaving a negative response to poor reviews but in this case, good for you; my congratulations and one can only hope they move on with their behaviour chastened. You are so right to say no need to be rude to a stranger.

I hope they don’t come here. At the very least, you have left sufficient warning for other hosts.