Trips Reviewed Now Down to 72%

I know not every guest will leave a review, which is unfortunate, but we have had a few potential guests who canceled on the day of check-in. Rightfully so, they have not left reviews, but does this impact my “Trips reviewed” score? If so, what have others done to mitigate this adverse impact on your Super Host status?

To be honest Josiah, I don’t think there’s much you can do. I know that there are some hosts who find that it’s okay to as for reviews (and hopefully they’ll be along soon to answer your question) but I’m not one of them.

Something I do wonder though is whether Airbnb is trying to ease out the super host status? Or at least, if not phase it out, reduce the number of super hosts. I think it’s the Airbnb Plus system that has made me think this way, and the lengthy hoops that guests now have to jump through to leave a review.

It seems that the world and his wife are super hosts so I’m not sure that the badge is the be all and end all of hosting. Most of us who are reasonably good hosts get super host status`pretty soon after starting out. It’s a nice feel-good thing (a gold star on your chart!) but I suspect it’s becoming more difficult to maintain.

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What review rate do you have for your guests @Josiah?