Tripadvisor Rentals

Dear community,

I have not received any reservation from Tripadvisor Rentals since loooong time ago.
Are they still in the business? Somewhere?

Seems that only Booking, Airbnb and Vrbo are making it.

I’ve been on Tripadvisor since first listing on Airbnb in 2017, and only ever had about 2 requests per year at the most. Most I turned down as they hadn’t read “B&B” at the top, or anything else for that matter, and thought they were renting a whole house.

Of those that did stay, I have some very bad memories, apart from the elderly chap and his wife, who had lost him deer stalking in Scotland before their trip to France. He eventually turned up looking like Sherlock Holmes in full regalia, having left his phone out of range deliberately.

I forgot about my listing on Trip, until this summer post lockdown, when my phone went bonkers. I had closed on Air, as it’s not safe to host in my house.

Same old, same old. No, you can’t bring five kids; no you can’t bring your dogs ad nauseam.

I think TA has little going for it with regard to STRs.


Got one request ever. No bookings. Your mileage may vary

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It’s dead, dead, dead. Not even an inquiry since August of 2018, and zero bookings from them. You can list on it for free for just the advertising, but be sure it’s easy to find you (name your property). (Our property is a three-bedroom villa with staff and pool in a fly-to Caribbean location - other types of properties may get business from TripAdvisor)