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Trip Insurance Recommendations

Many people have discussed frustration with guests who don’t purchase trip insurance. I’d like to mention purchasing trip insurance in my listing.

What you have all used that you would recommend? We are making plans now to visit Norway next summer so I’d also like to purchase for myself.

Why airbnb doesn’t get into this game is puzzling. Many hotels, etc., sell it as part of the bottom line. Air should, too, which would also secure protection for their hosts.

Anyway, let me know what companies you’ve used that you have liked! Thanks

There are different insurances: Travel insurance and Cancelation insurance.

The second one is what is AirBnB is abusing its hosts for, instead of offering a separate cancelation insurance to the guests.

Travel insurance is something every guest should have, traveling without it is just plain stupid. But if the guest does not have it, it is not the hosts problem.

I can not advice on a company, because I am not based in the US.

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