Trip Advisor now allows hosts to review guests

Just received this email:

Here’s how it works:
• When a guest checks out, we’ll invite you both to write a review
• You’ll each have 14 days to submit your reviews
• Once both reviews have been submitted, you can see what each other wrote
• If only one of you writes a review, it’ll be shared automatically after 14 days

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A copy of Airbnb. I hope TA doesn’t copy the smart pricing and keep recommending hosts to lower their prices.

Woohoo, bring it! As a guest this makes me happy, and as a host I’m happy, too–I’m sure all of us here run quality joints, so it’s just the shady characters that need to be shaking in their boots.

Interesting. How many people here are using Trip Advisor? I don’t know anything about it as a booking platform.

We’ve been on TA for more than a year and never once gotten a booking! We’ve gotten 7 or 8 requests for more info and all but one of those was very sketchy. Only one legit request in a year. I’d like to know what’s up with them. If this was all I knew about TA, I’d think they were very shady.

Same for us. Never got a booking,neither a request.

I only got infrequent requests and bookings and they all seemed to be the wrong type of guest. What helped was collecting reviews. They don’t have to be from TA guests. Getting a few good reviews totally jump started my TA. _

I use TripAdvisor - or as I see it “FlipKey”.
The fees the guest pays are high.
The interface is slowly getting better - like they allow for the host to submit changes now which is fairly new.
I get a few bookings.
So often communication is difficult if they don’t use the app or check their email. Many of my communications via the site are unanswered and I have to call or text to get an answer.
Customer service is… interesting. Barely exists.