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Trip 101 website?

Are you familiar with Trip 101? It lists 10-20 best Airbnb rentals in an area. I made the list. It isn’t a paid promo.

Do you have it in your area too?

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Will check this out. AirDNA also lists top Airbnbs for value or whatever by city.

Thanks for this, @Annet3176 . I made the list, too, for my area. Some hyperbole and a few wrong assumptions in the write-up about my place, but not worth the effort of trying to get it corrected. Good to know it’s out there!

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So sad, we are not on it v/s other glampsites LA. :(( But we just got our March filled up pretty ok anyway…

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Yes same with mine. It is close enough

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Only lists a few for my downtown area, but not many are open now. One of them closed 2 years ago for LTR to family.

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