Tried this earlier — money request for early check-in

A few days ago I send a money request to a guest who is checking in early. She couldn’t pay on her end. She kept getting an error message telling her to update her payment method. She used several credit cards to no avail. I contacted Airbnb, spoke with several people (kept getting passed around) and was told “our resolution center, you can only request for money after the guest reservation’s checkout.” Was told they’d be passing my query on to someone else, and never heard from them again. That was more than 30 hours ago. :flushed:

How can I request money for an early check-in using another method?

Are you available to meet her at check in? If so, I’d ask her to pay in cash.


Why involve Airbnb? Just take cash or take the money from her credit card when she arrives. Or send her a Paypal request.

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If you want to stay on-platform, I believe you have to alter the reservation if they haven’t checked in yet. I’ve altered the reservation to add people - and money - and they get the alteration notification and accept it and pay the difference.


I send payment request for baggage storage before check in all the time on the app?

Must be a glitch. I’ve never had issues getting a resolution request to go through before the check-in date.

@Militaryhorsegal Interesting. Airbnb told me, after discussing the situation with several different customer service reps, that money can’t be sent via the Resolution Center until after the guest has checked out.

@Flyboy Can you walk me through how you do that?

A Host might not be able to send before check out but can request and receive. I use the category extra services.

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I’m the app click on details for guest
Scroll down to send request money
That should take you to resolution center
I use extra services
Skip add photos
Note to guest

@Flyboy That’s what I did. The guest keeps getting an error message telling her to update her payment method. She tried with several different credit cards to no avail. Airbnb told me those requests can only be made “after” the guest checks out. This is after talking with, and being passed around to, several different people. Thanks for responding!

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The CS are stupid. I use it all the time although I did have an Indian guest who couldn’t pay. They must be having system issues or something. You would think they would notify their own staff.


@Flyboy The guest is in Brazil, so maybe that’s the reason. Finally, after more e-mails to my guest and Airbnb, I got paid. I agree. Some of their customer service staff are out to lunch. Not their fault, they haven’t been trained properly.

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