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Tree houses are popular!

Was listening to a consumer program on BBC radio today called “You and Yours”.
A poll had been done to find the most sought-after AirBnb accommodation in the UK. Turned out to be tree houses. Seems there’s a bit of a boom with people in tourist areas investing in these to let out.

Tree houses as residences are not legal in many states here in the US, and where they are legal the regulations for building can be very daunting.

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Just imagine being in one and having it crash to the ground as you sleep…

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Think of all the poor squirrels being forced to relocate!

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Had a “hammock crash” once. Never trust a hammock you don’t put up yourself!

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I saw one when browsing places in Hanoi. It was tempting, but then I imagined lack of AC in a hot and humid climate plus heavy rains.

How much does one cost to build?

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