Travel stimulus?

$4000 tax credit for travel? Yes please. (Another giveaway to the relatively rich but I’ll take it)


I read this and came away thinking if it did come to be it would only work if you spent money at disney or the hilton or some other corporate donor

the article makes it sound pretty broad…restaurants and gasoline for example. I’m guessing you’ll need receipts some distance from home. But why bother when you can just pass direct giveaways to the corporations?

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I was just talking to a Chicago friend who lost her job at a child care center. Unemployment supplement will be running out, she’s 45 and is worried. Usually she is traveling with her family several times a year, spending plenty of money. She would take advantage of this kind of tax break except she can’t afford to take off from the part time job at a grocery store that she took after she was laid off.

Thank you for sharing info

After reading the article my first thought is the hotel industry will lobby to reimburse accommodation expenses ONLY if incurred at a hotel.

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