Transition to whole house

I’m transitioning my guest house to whole house. Which one is more popular 3 bedroom/3 bath or 4bedroom/3bath. The reason I ask is I have 2 listings that I would like to continue. The one with 3bedroom with no kitchen is more popular and has more reviews than the 3 bedroom with kitchen because of pricing. I would like to take advantage of the listing with more reviews. Appreciate your comments.

Your post is rather confusing. You currently have 2 listings for the same place with different kitchen options and pricing and want to edit one of the existing listings, or is the guesthouse conversion a different place?

I don’t know that anyone can tell you whether 3 bedrooms or 4 or “more popular”- it would depend on your location, the demographic of guests who tend to come to your area, etc.

And if you are going to change an existing listing in regards to it being an entire home or having different amenities than the current one, the existing reviews would be misleading, as they would not reflect a new configuration. That could lead to guest confusion or inappropriate expectations.

Guests can see all your reviews for all your listings by looking at your profile page. And if you put up a new listing that has no reviews yet, in the review area of your listing, it will say “No reviews yet. This host has XX # of reviews for other properties”. If the guest clicks there, they will see all your reviews.


Run 2 listings but connect the calendar so a booking automatically blocks the other calendar. In time you will get your answer. Of course you can charge more for a 4 br. Our 5 br is much easier to rent than the 4 br…. Due to lack of competition for 5 br in the area. Experiment to find out.


It depends on your personal preference. I personally rather host 6 guests. In the past, 8 guests were causing more work and damage to the property. Therefore, I downsized from 8 to 6 and don’t regret it.


I also list on VRBO and 2 of my bookings requested extra room. I accepted it because it is a family setup. On Airbnb platform, I did not accept a group of young people who ask me if they can rent the extra room. I don’t mind if it is family but for group of friends they are more likely to party.

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