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Happy Holidays forum…I have anew years guest that cannot make it and wants to tranfer reservation.Is this possilbe? OR, she could have her friend use the reservation. She offered a picture and phone number of the freind. College kid who cant afford the trip and cant afford to lose the money of course. Can a reservation be tranfered? What is your advice concerning booking for a friend? I only had one expereince where a musician needed to book a room for his videographer tfrom Europe. That worked out fine but here was a lot of communicatoin . thank you.

What does she mean transfer?

Transfer to her friends name and give her a refund possibly.

Or no refund and they would work the money out between them. So she would pay but the reservation would now be for this other person. (happy hoildays kona)

She also asked could she just keep the res and have her friend use it.

I would say no to both. Third party reservations are not allowed. For good reason.

Honestly, this is an example of how guests run you around and make you work harder for a reservation which should have been a slam dunk and yet you get paid the same for all the trouble.

Her plans changed which is no fault of yours, nor is it yours to fix. If she can’t make it and there’s not an EC, then you get some free money.

I would just tell the guest, sorry. It cannot be transferred or used by anyone else.


Happy holidays, Mountain!!
My family member is running late, she should have been here an hour ago… arrrgh.

Thanks Solid advice. What is an EC? extenuating circimstance? sorry i dont trust myself with acronyms or abbraviations……

I just had a guest tell me she can’t come but her friends still want to keep the booking.
I told her she had to cancel and they needed to book in their name but she was worried she wouldn’t get a refund of the Airbnb fee because the cancellation would be within 7 days.
She contacted Air and they told her it would be okay for the friends to stay without her. I asked her to send me a screenshot of the conversation and she did, so I have agreed to keep the booking as is, which is less hassle than the cancelling, refunding and re-booking process. They’re staying on Saturday night.

Wow these seems exactly contrary to what I understood to be Air B and B’s rules, and also what Kona has stated. Kona is very knowledgable member of this forum. The person cancelled and i will bookher friend now. I will give this person a refund minus fees.

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Well the only way to know for sure is to call them…

You are giving me far too much credit!

For sure I know third party reservations are not allowed and that is what is a transfer is.

Refunding is up to you really.

oh no credit due…your adivce is always sober and straight to the point; you never get personal like you have something to prove, which sometimes forums tend to produce. Turns out it was a sick family member so i will refund; her friend has already requested to book. i would not care about anyone losing fees - I’m not that nice.

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Wow, thanks so much! You guys are giving me a big ego!
I really don’t know all, just have seen it all!

It’s appreciated, especially curing those of us trying to be “nice” (yuck) …as the saying goes: finish last…

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Yeah… I learned early on… no more Mrs Nice Guy! :rofl::rofl:

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