Transfer property listing, is this possible?

Hi guys, exciting things happening for us. We’ve just accepted an offer on our beach chalet as we are planning on buying something bigger and better for ourselves. We’ve successfully rented the property out for the last 4 years, the last 2 years on Airbnb.

Is it possible to transfer our current listing to the new owners Airbnb account or is it a case of them just creating a new listing and starting again with regards to reviews etc? The purchasers are friends of ours, who we will give guidance to as it’s their first Airbnb venture, but I’m not sure if I have to just close my listing and they create a new one.

Thanks in advance


You are the hosts and earned the reviews. They will have to open a new account if they don’t have one and list the property under their own names and start fresh. You will keep your reviews if you host again with a new property.


No it’s not possible.

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Greetings Debbie from a fellow Cornish host!

It makes sense that you can’t, if a bad host takes over, guests will have been duped by previous good reviews.

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Remember, all bookings will be cancelled in the changeover too. So best you pick a date, after your last current booking to do the switch.

To the mods- this question gets asked all the time, is it possible to pin the threads in frequently asked questions or the like? Sorry technology is not my forte

@Debbie_in_Cornwall, you cannot transfer the listing as there is no guarantee that they will be the same type/quality host as you are. But if they are your friends and you want to help them out, maybe you can write them a recommendation and point out to your reviews of the place, which will, I believe, still be visible on your profile?


Thanks everyone. I wouldn’t even have considered if this might have been an option if we were selling to strangers but obviously I trust my friends. My main concern for me is about the bookings as I obviously don’t want to cancel anyone but we can work something out between us with that I’m sure.

Hello @Geddy3

Where abouts in our beautiful county are you?

What do you mean? How can you host a place that you no longer own or live in? I’d be curious what Airbnb says if you call them. Keep us posted!

Goonhavern, not far from Perranporth. You?

Why don’t you simply agree with your friends that you honour those last bookings? You can split the money. Since you’re an Airbnb host this should’ve been the part of your negotiations when selling the place. In the long run, my parents are planning to sell our house, and we’re planning to ask for at least a half a year long buffer so that we ca can honour our Airbnb reservations and move out properly and in peace.

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We already have a lot of pins. I also think it would be really labor intensive to create an FAQ. But if someone wants to volunteer to write one, we would welcome that!

It’s a dedicated holiday let, people sometimes book more than a year in advance. We have bookings for June 2018 already. When we purchased the the place 4 years ago, our contract included a clause that we must honour current bookings which we did. The place we are considering buying we have to honour any current bookings. It’s an agreement of the sale. It’s really not an issue. If I have to cancel I will speak to Airbnb and see if I can do so with minimum penalties and direct the guests to rebook under the new listing if they want to.

@Geddy3 you’re not too far from us then, we live in Probus just outside Truro and rent out 2 rooms at the house plus we have our beach chalet idown in Hayle overlooking St Ives Bay. We’re currently looking to buy a cottage in St Ives.

Just put your listing on hold so you don’t receive any more bookings (hopefully this has already been done so your bookings aren’t too far in the future).

Give Airbnb a call. I believe although I am not sure, that they will offer guests the opportunity to stay with the new host or cancel and find somewhere else. If you are buying nearby you could see if Airbnb would offer guests the opportunity to move to your new place.

Do give Airbnb a call and let us know what they say, as this issue comes up on here from time to time.

To live in? or as a rental?

Rental property. Though if OH had his way we’d be selling both of our properties and buying a penthouse overlooking the harbour to live in!