Towels, what is best size?


Do you think it’s better to have size 40/70 cm or 140/70 cm?

…whichever is bigger?

I’ve never said “this towel is too big” but I have said, “this towel is too small” quite a few times in my life.


Ok thanks I am taking the bigger model.

I think that larger bath sheets are marvelous. You can wrap yourself in them and the extra fabric gives you more absorbency. In this day when so many humans are larger, sometimes the smaller bath towels just aren’t ample enough. I will always choose the largest towel available.

I offer guests three items in their bath “kit.” A washcloth, face towel and a bath sheet. There are some more on the shelves if they need them. Folks do use extra face towels, but the bath towels are usually sufficient.

I give my guests a large bath towel, a hand towel and a facecloth.

Costco has good towels. I have at least 10 sets for each place. One set is one bath towel, two face towels and two wash clothes. Always extra face towels and wash clothes.

A 140x70cm towel is a good size. I wouldn’t go any bigger, because bigger than that isn’t very practical to use and will elevate your washing costs. 40x70Cm is really tiny for your body.

Some of you in a previous post mentioned that you only use white towels because you actually find white easier to launder than colors. So, I bought some yesterday at Target. I was a little hesitant at first since they weren’t bath sheet size (which is what I usually get), but for $4.99/ea I thought I’d give it a try. If I can’t keep them white then it won’t be too big of a loss.

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@Tumo What size are they? You could always give them a try yourself. At least that is what we did before buying more towels :blush:.

You could try hiring - saves you having to make any purchases and you can change your offer and see what your guests prefer.

You haven’t suggested this by any chance because you…provide a linen hire services ? :slight_smile: :frowning:


We use a hire service for our airbnb property in Tasmania – we couldn’t offer it for rent without it - and were surprised that nothing like it existed in Sydney. The big commercial laundries won’t take small orders, so I don’t know what property owners do. Especially if they don’t live nearby.

So you are saying you are a host with no connection with the linen hire company that you advertise in your profile?