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Towels that disapear

Hi. What do you do if you see that the last guest has forget to leave your towels?

Charge the deposit for them, surely?

Air bnb will accept with no real prof? It s not like something is broken

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Hi sylvainbg. I often take a picture of a set of towels I leave in the appartment. This way I remember how many towels I’ve left there. This won’t help you right now but it might be useful in the future. The metadata of pictures reveal when they are taken. Hopefully you won’t loose any more towels though.


Thanka for your advice

I always have several clean but “thrashed” bath and hand towels under the kitchen sink and I let guests know that they are there if they need to put towels on the floor, clean up a mess, muddy boots, etc. I wouldn’t mind if any of these towels are ruined or disappear but I have a fixed number of “nice” towels for the rental (which I would def charge a guest for if taken). I haven’t lost any good towels after doing this so I think it’s working…

Send the guests an email, copied to Air, saying that you enjoyed their visit… And, BTW when you went in to clean immediately after they left, you noticed that X towels seem to be missing… if the towels were accidentally added to their luggage, please return…


I had recent guests who had someone in their party take home all of my magazines that were on the coffee table. I called and asked if they knew where they were (in case they were placed in some odd area). The girl said she had no idea and would ask her sister. Well her sister and the boyfriend took all of them. They offered to mail them back and they did immediately.

Yet I had a huge stack of old issues on the book shelf with a note asking guests to take them home. There was Seventeen, Boy’s Life, Diabetic Living, Field and Stream, Runner’s World, Saveur, Elle, and a couple others. But noooo…they swiped all the current issues on the coffee table. I just went ahead and tossed the whole stack. I hate throwing things away that someone else can use…but oh well.

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