Towels, Sheets, Blankets, Bedspread, etc

So I’ve been researching this forum on/off for a couple days and have found a lot of info regarding dark sheets/towels vs. white sheets/towels. Not much info though on more specific info, ie…

Best name branch for guests at a reasonable price that doesn’t take 10+ washings/drying before the are reasonably link free? Curious also … do your guests prefer a heavier quality, ie Egyptian Cotton or Turkish towels vs. medium price range that is thinner. Also,

Best name brand for guests that wear well, comfy and soft but not too hot? Thread count?

Name brand that wears well with continual use and don’t pill or snag?

What do you use? A bedspread, comforter, duvet, or a heavy blanket between two white sheets like many hotels are now doing? Dark color vs. white or light color?

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Towels – LOVE these towels and two years later, they still are fluffy and look new (I buy the white ones – they bleach well; 100% cotton):
Worth the discounts to get the JCP credit card.

Sheets – I think others have found better ones but I like Targets high performance sheets.

Blankets – I have Velux plush blankets – easy to was and have done really well for two years.

Duvets – wish I had gone with quilts, instead (and some have posted that comforters are too bulky for their washing machines).

@sandy2 Thank you. I’m confused about the difference between a duvet and quilt. I Googled it but they seem to be about the same to me. Do you use white sheets and duvet/quilt?

I use white sheets. The duvet is a comforter with a washable cover that goes over it – visualize a huge pillow case. Seemed practical to me but putting on the duvet is a pain, especially when you have back-to-backs. Wish I had gotten something like this instead. Also, I have three change-overs of everything because I also have a real job and a teenager and sometimes I can’t do laundry overnight. I also iron all the pillow cases and decorative shams. This is my link – you can see the duvet covers on the beds (the white one with the embroidered flowers didn’t last long):


Thank you. Your place looks lovely @sandy2. I’ve got several orders coming in this week for bedding, linens, and towels. I think I may have made some choices that are not going to work given all I’ve read. This is the bedspread I ordered:

We are in the southwest so doing the room in earth tones. I may need to rethink it depending on it’s weight. Do you find a bed scarf or folded blanket at the foot of the bed a good thing?

Surely it depends in which country you host in?

I’m hosting in the USA.

Yes but I got tired of ironing the one I have so now I have fluffy throws in the closet (only because they don’t match the décor). I always find them downstairs on the sofa.


Love it! And, I’ve never heard of that site – I’ll have to check it out :slight_smile:

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If you have the time and energy, see this post.


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I love the bedspread you bought and I think it will work just fine.

I started my first room with a comforter and a contrasting bedspread that I use as a bed scarf at the foot.

If I had it to do over again, I would go with a bedspread instead, as it’s easier to wash. Or, I would have purchased two identical sets of everything. Though I CAN fit my queen sized comforter in the washing machine, it takes FOREVER to dry it.

As a result of reading the post referenced above, I bought a duvet for my own bed to see how I’d like it. It’s pretty, but it’s a ginormous pain in the ass to get the insert into the cover and I honestly can’t imagine having to wrestle the insert out of the cover, wash and dry the cover, and then wrestle the insert back into it when I have back to back guests. That’s why I think a bedspread is best.

There are no right or wrong answers to your questions, nor are there “brands” that you “should” buy/use. I buy good quality sheets in white or gray (both match my bedding) on clearance, whatever brand it happens to be. I try for at least 400 thread count, and 100% cotton.

I think almost everyone, given the choice, would go for thick and fluffy towels rather than thinner ones. That being said, I also simply buy towels when I find good quality ones that match my décor (gray or blue) when I find them on clearance. Don’t care about the brand. I started with a lovely set of white towels, but all 4 face cloths and 3 of the hand towels were promptly ruined by my 4th female guest. She used them to wipe the spackle (I mean, makeup) and mascara off her face. I don’t know why the stains wouldn’t come out, but they didn’t. I get some makeup on my own face cloths and it’s never a problem. But now guests only get colored towels that don’t show the remnants of stains like white ones do.

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Towels: Chiming in to give thumbs up to the JC Penney quick dry towels that sandy2 mentions.

Sheets: We also bought our sheets at Target, the 800 thread count Fieldcrest sheets when they were on closeout.

Blanket: We have a spare Pendleton ecowool (washable) blanket stashed in a drawer but can’t imagine will be needed.

Bed cover: We are fortunate to have the Pacific Coast down outlet near us and the comforter and the bed pillows are down. We bought the same IKEA duvet set in triplicate, a very soft cotton that is holding up well.

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No allergy issues with the down? I have avoided anything that is a potential allergen, but maybe it isn’t an issue for guests?

As far as I’m concerned it’s not what you buy but how many you buy.

We have three of everything - one in use, one in the wash and one for emergencies. This includes duplicates of sheets, pillow cases, pillow protectors, duvet, duvet cover, bedspread, mattress protectors, shower curtain, shower liner, towels, throw pillow covers and, if you have a kitchen or kitchenette, dish towels, napkins etc.

This way, when you have back-to-back turnovers you have everything clean and ready to go for the next guests. Plus, if a guest has a ‘linen emergency’ (for example, a guest spills coffee on the duvet) even if you haven’t done the laundry yet from last night’s guests, you can provide them with fresh articles.


In our listing, we mention the down as a feature and no one has had an issue.

Thank you for the information.

I have bought two items (a fitted sheet and a bedbug mattress encasement) from Utopia bedding on Amazon and am happy with the quality and price. However, they aren’t top of the line, 400TC Egyptian blah, etc. No matter how expensive they aren’t going to be stain or wear and tear proof. What I decided to do was get the ones that are matching but sold separately. So I can get a bottom sheet, top sheet and 6 pillowcases (one for each pillow in the room) and when one item gets ruined I don’t have to buy a whole new set I can replace the one piece. That’s the plan anyway.

Also I like a medium weight towel as a guest. Many of the fluffy ones just don’t feel absorbent to me. As a host I like a towel that dries fast. Since you are in the desert like I am it’s easier to get a thick towel and dry it outside (then toss it in the dryer to soften it.)


My advice keep it simple and nice. I buy white towels from Costco™-Hospitality-100%-Ring-Spun-Cotton-Soft-Durable-Absorbent-Towels.product.100103433.html
They are inexpensive but look presentable. Very easy to wash. If there any stains I soak them in Clorox solution while bedding stuff is in the washer and it’s all good.
I use bedding stuff from ikea because it’s cheap and I can have multiple sets. And duvet with blanket case.
I change bedding stuff and towels after each guest. It’s never been an issue, worst case I just leave towels in the dryer. Why I’m ikea fan: because if guest would spoil my bedding stuff I can just throw it away without starting topic on this forum about dirty sheets :slight_smile:

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Here’s a couple of easy ways. I use the traditional method, but the california roll looks good too.

K9KarmaCasa mentioned a bed bug encasement and we have this one that we bought online. It’s a bit of a splurge but the top half zippers off for laundering so you don’t have to wrestle with the mattress. It’s waterproof, too, but not warm. On top of this we have an organic cotton mattress pad, etc.

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