Top Quality Bed Frame for Airbnb. Assembles in Minutes

As an Airbnb host, and as an avid traveler I’ve had to buy quite a bit of furniture over the years. The process of ordering bed frames or any furniture online and also buying in stores is always a hassle and I finally found an alternative that worked really well.

First time poster making a recommendation for a bed?

You wouldn’t happen to have a connection to the company would you, or am I just being Mr Cynical today?


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Please keep advertisements elsewhere.

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I actually am an Airbnb host, and I apologize I am affiliated with the company. Our customers have primarily been Airbnb hosts and professional home stagers which is why I reached out. Wasn’t trying to make an advertisement, just engage and try to make life easier for everyone here if possible.

Sorry to get you upset. Wasn’t my intention.

…and sell a few beds at the same time?


Well…if someone’s interested, then sure. However, I see recommended products and ours is a product that drastically helps hosts looking for buying furniture. I don’t understand why you’re giving such backlash.

It feels really disingenuous when a first time poster joins the forum, and makes a post about a product or service they say is the best thing since sliced bread, without declaring an interest i.e. that they actual work for the company whose products they are promoting.

It is absolutely fine for hosts who use this forum, and indeed suppliers themselves to recommend products and services, where a host asks for recommendations.

What isn’t okay is to come on here and in your first post promote a product as a host, only to later declare you actually have an interest in the company you are promoting.

Why not join in with life on the forum and then where relevant and where recommendations are asked for it would then be absolutely fine to mention you work for a company that sells such products.

In the meantime I am locking this thread and have removed your reference to the product you were promoting.