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Tools for managing <5 listings

There’s SO MANY tools out there I can’t demo/trial them all. I was hoping if I put what I’m looking for you all can help point me in the right direction.

Context: I have 3 properties (each a 3/1 under 1k square feet) in smaller college town (tier 3 ish market). Nightly rates via smart pricing on AirBNB are around $70, but during events I can get bookings as high as $600/night. Note: the smart pricing would only raise it to $200-300 though, so I gotta know when it’s coming in advance.

What’s features I’m looking for:

  • see and manage all properties in one interface
  • be able to update pricing in the interface and have it update across all platforms (i.e. airbnb and vrbo).
  • cal sync between different platforms (i.e. if it gets booked on airbnb, it will be blocked on VRBO).
  • auto messaging, i.e. set rules to send messages after certain trigger events. including both responding natively on airbnb, as well as sending a text to my cleaner to mark dates for check-in so she can clean.
  • potential channel distribution to booking.com and others? this is second priority

what would you all recommend? is there all in one or I should have multiple tools?

I looked at a lot of products and finding one that does all of these things as seamlessly as you want isn’t something I found.

iGMS allows you to update pricing in one spot, but you still have to do it per platform. The AirBnB calendar shows up in one row and you can change all your pricing on that row in a couple of clicks. Then you have to drop down to the VRBO row and do it there.

I had it installed and was using it just for that, but it started malfunctioning and had my calendar blocked on dates it wasn’t supposed to be, and it wasn’t blocking dates it was supposed to be, and I uninstalled it.

It has the messaging capability you’re looking for but it’s not clean. There is no ability as of the date I uninstalled it (about a month ago?) to archive anything out of the inbox. So I never bothered recreating all my templates into there. Too much visual clutter for me, it kills my ability to focus on anything having to sift through every single inquiry and closed booking in all of history.

The product would be great if those problems weren’t problems. But they’re deal breakers for me and since I only have one listing I just log into each app. As a result my VRBO prices almost never get updated. I just set the weekday and weekend rate and pretty much leave it alone. I’m constantly tweaking the prices on Air where I’m willing to drop the prices a little because they take less of a cut from me (I pay VRBO per booking at this point).

None of the dynamic pricing tools are available in my market.

I will be watching this post with interest to see what others say.

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Likely owner rez will meet your needs. @RiverRockRetreat should know.

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