Tobaco smell after check-out

What are you doing if guests smoke in your airbnb despite the fact that it’s against the rules

Following this thread. Smoking would make me really mad! I hope there are ways to discourage it other than just making no smoking a rule.

Open a resolution center case for steam cleaning. Call Air and open a case. Leave a bad review.

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During the house tour, I ask the guests whether they smoke. If they say that they do then I point out exactly where they can smoke (outside) and the plant pot filled with sand that they can use for an ashtray. Then I reiterate that there’s no smoking indoors and as far as I know, no-one has ever smoked in the rental.

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I would agree with konacoconutz, simply call Airbnb and request a payment from them for the smoke smell removal by a professional. Smoking indoors should not be tolerated, and this is one thing Airbnb is good about resolving.

I would agree with Kona too. I don’t think anyone has smoked inside our place, but sometimes smokers leave behind a residual smoke smell even if they smoke outside. Maybe itʻs in their clothes and etc. My husband actually wondered if we could exclude smokers as well as smoking. LOL. Not sure if that is legal or how that would work.

Heck yeah! You certainly can say “no smokers”. They stink up the place almost as bad as having them smoke inside.

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I just called airbnb on a similar issue. My rules state no smoking inside or out, and I caught 4 people of my current guests smoking on my patio, via my security cameras. I called and air immediately sent me information to make a claim on my security deposit for cleaning to remove the smell.

My situation finished today with Airbnb help. Guests pay 50 euro, only because they wrote in letter that they smoked (This was the proof)

In my house rules I say “No Smoking” If you smoke you will lose the $300 security deposit"

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It may not be enforceable
though since Air’s has finally say on how or whether the security deposit can be claimed and how it is paid.

We have it in our rules we dont allow any kind of smoking inside, which included electronic cigarettes. However we had 2 guests lately who asked could they use my lighter (Which was sitting on my unit for the incense), they got the cigarettes out ready to light up there and then!! (Theyd just checked in that moment)! I was like 'What are you doing, didnt you read the rules?!! I was furious. I had to explain to them numerous times during their stay (As they kept coming asking for the lighter) that under no circumstances must they smoke inside. Never have I had to reiterate to guests that they musnt smoke inside, but after that experience I now mention it to every guest.

I would remove or hide the lighter as well. The change in attitudes towards smoking has changed tremendously during my lifetime but it’s still not enough. No one should ever think it’s okay to light a cigarette inside! Crazy. They must have been from one of those countries where people still smoke everywhere?

I usually do, will make sure its hidden in future. They were from China.

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