Toaster paranoia

Or of the UK :slight_smile:

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And yet Faheem has a dishwasher!

(Cook washes them, when he’s finished the toast)

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If I just HAD to toast my toast, then I’d look for a set of tongs or something and hold it over the gas range. Voila! Toast.

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Come on, Faheem, bite the bullet… you bought the electric kettle (I think?) Now have pity on us poor Northern Europeans who love our morning toast (or muffins or crumpets…) and buy the toaster! I’ve had one in every house I’ve lived in for fifty years and never had a fire.

True, my ex - husband’s present wife nearly electrocuted herself with one, but I’m sure your guests wouldn’t be stupid enough to stick a knife in one to get out a piece of stuck toast… would they?


Hello everyone,

Thank you for all the comments. I’ll respond to everyone in a single email.

Hi @CatskillsGrrl,
I have a fridge, and a microwave. I’ve been meaning to get a coffee maker. I don’t know which of these are common or not here. I imagine it’s common for Airbnbs everywhere to have these things, because they have an international clientele, but I don’t know, of course.

Hi @astralita12,
Interesting. As I said above, I have a microwave, but I’ve not been particularly concerned about a microwave fire. This doesn’t seem to be as common a fire hazard as a toaster. For one thing it is enclosed. For another, it’s not a direct heat source.

Hi @azreala,
Really? I find that a bit surprising. How many places did you stay at? Where they hotels, Airbnbs or something else? And what were the locations?

Hi @SandyToes,
I think guests have a reasonable expectation of certain amenities. I don’t have a problem with that. And I’ve never thought of toasters as particularly un-Indian things, though maybe they are.

Hi @Barns,
I’m not sure how you know that - I don’t think I’ve mentioned it anywhere here. But it’s technically true that the kitchen has a dishwasher, but it’s not been used for a long time (I’m not sure how long), and it may not be functional. I haven’t tested it.

Hi @murphysranch,
The gas range is off-limits to guests. Actually, the only one that uses it is our cook. See my fire concerns above.

Hi @Malagachica. Nice to hear from you - I hope you’re doing well.

Yes, I bought the electric kettle, but that isn’t a fire hazard, is it? And I thought you were British, but I often get these things wrong.

I really don’t think we should be betting on the lack of stupidity of guests. :slight_smile:

When I’m in India I would be having naan for breakfast rather than toast.


If it’s not in your culture to use a toaster than I personally think you don’t need to supply one, is it really so much trouble for a guest to eat another breakfast option while they stay with you?

That said, a toaster is a real deal fire hazard? you learn something new every day. I used to be duty manager overnight at a motel for 4 years (as a naive 23 yo; how I ever managed?? i don’t know) , it was the worst job I ever had and in no small part due to the 4:30am toaster setting off the fire alarm at least once a week!


Before I reply, may I just say that you are a very gifted writer, as evidenced by the following, which caused me to laugh out loud: “While this issue probably falls under the crashingly trivial category in a 21st century Earth beset with problems…”

I have only been hosting for 9 months, but I have learned a lot in this time (I have had over 80 guests total already) and I have learned that some things I thought I would never do I now have done and it hasn’t been a problem. Other things that maybe I should do or some guests would like me to do I will not do because it is simply beyond my comfort level. Yes, I would like to make a good income with my Airbnb, but I also need to feel at peace and I need to be able to sleep at night. So that’s how I make my decisions on these things. I have both a toaster oven and I have an electric / convection toaster oven in my kitchenette. I also have a smoke alarm installed, and my the second guest I had after opening set it off with the toaster. I kept the toaster in there, but I always make sure my smoke alarm is in good shape and operating well (I live in an attached dwelling and the smoke alarm in the kitchenette of the cottage will ring in my house as well, which also gives me peace of mind.)

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Not having a toasters pretty weird to be honest how do you make breakfast

Have you never traveled outside of the United States?