TO VIEW OR NOT TO i'm lost

now i’m lost…when I joined I thought I learnt that the number of views is good for the listing - will get you higher on the rankings…ok so i’m very curious, and I do check my listing ever so often…looking at dates, etdc…then I recently read here that its bad if you view and not book - i.e. Airbnb computer will find it strange so many views but no bookings…so is it best to view or not to view ur own listings…I am indeed lost )…thoughts?..I really thought people looking at the listing was good - even if they didn’t book…

Ask yourself - people are looking but the’re not booking - why? And how would you interpret this if you were a simple machine? (By which I mean a computer that’s figuring out whether a listing is popular and likely to be booked).

There’s no point in having hits to a listing (or to a site in general) from people who aren’t going to answer any call of action or perform whatever tasks the listing or site is aiming for.

It’s no problem to check your own listings from time to time - that’s expected.

According to this article which is based on an article by Airbnb, views do help.

"Even if a guest doesn’t end up booking your place, the fact that they bothered to click through to get more info can help your standing. “The more clicks you get from curious travelers, the higher you’ll rank in search results over time. An enticing and realistic photo is the very best way to show off your space in an instant.”

They also say tweaking your listing doesn’t “help or hurt” but many of us swear it does.

Thinking about it logically it seems that an oft viewed listing must be better than a rarely viewed listing, and a viewed and booked listing is better still.


How Airbnb’s algorithm works has baffled many hosts. Therefore, rest assured as you are not the only one who feels confused. Truth be told that there are many factors that influence their search ranking. For example, in order for Airbnb to view your listing as active, be sure to update your listing on a regular basis (you can start by updating your calendar often). Also, by using “searchable” terms you can boost your listing’s ranking. Good luck!

what do u mean by searchable terms? tks.

Simply the keywords that guests would typically use to search for accommodation like the name of a nearby landmark.