To review or not to review...that is the question

Guests we had for one night just left and I went into the suite to start the laundry. There was blue ink (I think) ALL OVER my nice white towels. Judging by the washing machine settings they tried to wash them last night but the stains didn’t come out. Instead of telling me about it when I went to say good-bye they said very little and just left. Not sure if I’ll be able to get the stains out - more than likely I’ll have to buy new towels. They did, however, leave the rest of the suite in decent shape. Do I say something about the towels in my review of them or just not review them at all? I agree that normal wear and tear is a cost of doing business, but this not normal. They were brand new towels.

You should comments on your review.

Not normal

I’d ask them first, what is it and how did it get there? Their answer or lack thereof would influence my review.


I hope they didn’t set the stain by washing! That’s damage and I would claim for it first before worrying about a review.

I have heard that hand sanitizer works on ink sometimes. Gaaahhhh, that is bad.


Yes claim for it - they’d know you can’t get ink off! I think you get 24hr or is 48hr after checkout to claim

I always review.

To be honest, at first the negative reviews were a bit frustrating.
But now we are over 200 reviews, and we don’t care about the negatives anymore.

I hardly changes the overall score, and a negative often reflects bad on the guest, or encourages future guests to read the listing a bit better.

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HI there! I would send them a message asking what caused the stains so you know how to treat them. This lets them know that you noticed the stains. Then, you should file a claim for the cost of the towels. $15/towel seems fair for your average bath towel. (I get mine from Costco and they are about $8/each, but I say you are well within your rights to mark up the price. You should be compensated for your time of having to do extra washing, plus your time shopping etc).

I would write a nice review for them, and I would not mention the towels. In all probability, it was accidental damage. You should be compensated, but I don’t think its worth dinging them in a review.

Just my 2 cents!

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I think you should mention the fact they didnt tell you about the ink and that they tried washing the towels to get the ink out.

Sent a message to them right after they left but no reply. I tried using hairspray on the stains (the alcohol is supposed to help lift it) and let them sit for a few hours then washed them. Surprisingly some of the stain lightened up - might have worked completely if the stain was fresh. The towels are ruined though and as much as I loathe having to take it to the next step, it must be done. Today the sunshine and rainbows of being a new host have been (temporarily, I hope) replaced with a dark cloud. :sunny: :rainbow: :thunder_cloud_rain:

Things happen! Don’t worry about it too much. Just file a claim and get new towels. Its just wear and tear, although it is so frustrating! Sounds like you put a lot of work into getting the stains out.