To respond to review or not to?

A guest left a review that it was hot and difficult to sleep at night because there’s no AC. I’m not sure why they found it so hard to sleep and found the fans unsuitable, I sleep in the same building and don’t even use a fan. But ok, everyone is different. I feel I really need to clarify a few things about this review because it could really affect my bookings. I have close to 100 good reviews but have not replied to any. If I reply to this one it will stand out, won’t it?

It sounds like a one off and will be drowned out be the other reviews.
You may want to take the hint and include in the description … there is no AC but if really needed there are ventilators and the windows open…
I know the pain of unreasonable requests / reviews … so you want ac well rent a nearby fridge next time … dont do it just let it pass.

With 100 good reviews let it go it will serve to inform that there is no AC and hopefully deter a booking from another guest who will be unhappy with the lack of AC. Let it go, they are gone. Next!



It is almost never a good thing to reply to a review. Especially on a touchy subject like temperatures.

Europeans coming to the US think 75F is boiling hot; Americans in Europe think 15C is freezing…

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As others have stated, you have 100 good reviews so don’t dwell on this.

Look at from this perspective:

  • Your guest may have done you a favor, as it will deter those people who are seeking AC (at least in the warmer months); no one will pay attention to it in the cooler months.
  • “Everyone is different” so those impacted will be those not be suited to your apt, reducing other similar comments / reviews.

Yes it will stand out. Honestly, it’s not worth the time to reply and it’s certainly not worth stressing about. Remember that most sensible people (and you want guests who are sensible people) know that reviews are simply people’s opinions.

Not this European. :wink:

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This same thing happened to me recently. I decided to respond to some other recent (nice) reviews as well as the one that needed a statement from us. We have not had any fresh reviews, but I will respond to a few of them too, in order for the host response not to show so much just on the bad review. You have several weeks I think open window to respond to reviews.

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