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To kick out or not to kick out ... That is the?


Ok, so I’ve made a few posts over the last couple of weeks about horrible guests staying with me.

I’ve tried talking to them myself and even had airbnb step in to bring up these concerns but they really just don’t seem to get it.

So no I have a choice to make … Do I kick them out (and apparently thay get a refund for the days not here - not sure why because it’s a third party booking not allowed by airbnb and they are being removed because they are horrible guests) or do I suck it up and let them stay (till the end of the month) to keep my money.



i would kick them out. nothing and no amount of money is worth having people in my home i dont feel good about.


How badly do you need the income? Is there a point at which you can earn as much as you need to earn for the month? Like, let’s say by the 20th, will you have covered your month’s expenses? If so, wait until then and then boot them out. It might make the days easier if you know you are just doing it to cover expenses and as soon as you’ve done so, they’ll be gone. On the other hand, if you can live without the money, then I would ask them to leave. Also, if you can reasonably absent yourself, that might help…it’s the wear and tear on your nerves that only you can judge.


What you described for me would be impossible to handle. I would kick them out. There is a limit on how much you need income. Plus you might rent it out again


I also didn’t mention in my original post that I have to her guests arriving in a few days as well.
My biggest concern isn’t even for myself (I can deal with a lot) but for the comfort of these other guests who will be staying.
What I don’t want is to give them an unpleasant experience and in return get a bad review because these boys staying here already.


I just had a guest, who i would kick out if he stayed more than 2 nights.
First, he smelled horrible. Even now after he left 24 hours already and i burned oils in his room nonstop, the smell is still there. I have a new guest arriving today, opened all windows, still smell still there.
He used some oils, and soaps, that he explained to me natural. may be that was the smell/ Then pieces of that soap were all over the house, bathroom, and his bed.
he was a door slammer. I told him twice, my husband told him 5 times, he still slammed doors. He woke us at 3 am when he went to the bathroom every night. My husband then could not fell asleep.

His eyes were red, i am sure he smoked pot.May be that was part of his smell too.
He ate in his room, messed up everything there even walls. I had to clean today for 1.5 hour. Usualyl it takes me the most half an hour.

If i knew he had to stay another couple days, i really would ask him to leave. I would not tell him about smell, but i would about door slamming and mess.


Yes, I’ve made the decision to remove these guests even if it costs me money in the end.
Would rather have good reviews from the other guests coming because that is worth more.
I’m not looking forward to cleaning their room when they go. I’m sure it’s a total mess.
Hopefully they get out quick.


how did it go? i’m just curious what does a ‘third party booking not allowed by airbnb’ mean? and why do they get a refund? if these people were booked in a hotel they wouldn’t get a refund if they were kicked out.


I had them removed from my place.
The third party booking policy means that the person who’s account is used to book the place has to be there as part of the reservation. In my case the actual guest who stayed was not the account holder. They used his dad’s account to make the booking.
The only way to get them to go elsewhere was to give them a refund. I don’t like it, but it’s worth having them out so that my other guests arriving won’t have a bad experience and write me bad reviews.


Not sure. Airbnb verifies everyone . And one of the most effective methods is to link bank account to a person’s name. Thats why it is a big deal when someone books and then a different guest shows up.
I had this happened before, and i let people in, but… a person that booked asked me if i will accept it. So, he/she books but writes to me something like that: Hey Yana, I have to help out a friend who is stuck at the airport and has no account with Airbnb. I am paying for him, will you accept this person?
there is a lot of fraud going on. Other sites allow to use someone’s card to book a a person with different name, address and so on.
With Airbnb its not the case. You could ask them to leave based only on that and based on your cancelation policy you would not have to refund them anything.
They broke the rules of booking.


Ya, but the problem was I was nice and accepted them even when I found out it was a third party booking.
I’m too nice.


Too nice, or too fearful to say no? This is your business and home, there is no room for “nice” when it comes to these important parts of your life,


A bit of both I suppose. I agree.
If someone ever makes a third party booking again, I won’t hesitate twice to contact Airbnb and have them removed right away. With no refund.

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