To include the pool or not to include it?

New host here, I’ll be renting my condo that is in a large complex. We have 5 pools and hot tubs and a recreation and fitness center, that being said, none of those amenities are connected to my building. I’m wondering if I should leave their use out of my listing or say it’s not included and only offer them after the fact to guests as I see fit? I’m worried that guests will use them regardless since they will know they are there because you have to drive right by them to get to the unit so I feel like I should have some rules about them, but at the same time, I would rather not have to go through how to gain access and all the restrictions of the complex. What would you do?

I would be more concerned if your complex allows strs at all. Do you have a copy of the rules and regulations and the ccrs that you agreed to? Either it’s ok or not to do Airbnb. The pool, etc. is a minor issue. Been there done that, was shut down


Not offer them, and be clear about it up front. We had a host here post about how her guests had abused the pool rules in a number of ways and the host HERSELF was kicked out of the pool permanently. Just make sure the rules are clear and firm.

Sorry, listing does NOT include use of condo pool, hot tub or other amenities.


Thanks, it is allowed for 90 days or less per year and that’s all I need

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Be careful, 90 days for a single tenant? Or any amount of days up to 90 days? We were allowed 29 days or more but only one tenant at a time.

90 days for sublet/ vacation rentals. I’ve owned this unit for 10 years and it’s always been a rental, about 60% of the complex is. I’m only doing this type of rental until January until my daughters current lease is up then she’s moving in. I decided to try this out since I didn’t want to establish a tenancy with anyone for the short term, 4 months, in case they didn’t want to leave when I needed them to.


In that case, be quite careful about using Airbnb for stays over 29-30 days. They offer no protection to hosts. There are many threads here about squatters. If you can, keep the stays short - a week or two. Airbnb only collects the first month for long term stays and then if the cc is denied you are stuck. I’d like to hear from other hosts here as well to advise you. Just a friendly heads up!


I don’t understand, and I am not sure you are being clear.
Are the pool and the amenities available to all your guests and renters, …but for an extra fee?
If yes…then I would raise the price, include the pool and the extras, and show them in photos and as an included amenity.
If not…then that is another strategy, based upon restrictions.
Can you elaborate?
thank you

I’m confused, do you need to register the guests with the pool, give some sort of access? If you are just talking about giving directions and it is no work on your part I would advertise it. It would be a great amenity for families.

I wouldn’t need to register them but I would need to give them access via key or key card. I’m thinking I will just leave their use out of the listing since the extra keys and the pool rules would be a pain to explain,

In my non-resort area rental (pool open June 1-September 1) so the following is manageable) I have a pool entry fob. It works like a key card except it resembles your car lock fob. My guests sign a pool rules acknowledgement and liability waiver before I it give it to them.

For my resort area rentals (pools open 12 months), the same gate card that opens the community access gates opens the pool gate. I’ve put basic pool rules in my host rules. In other words if a guest breaks the rules they are violating their terms of Airbnb rental.