To have Internet or not to have Internet?

Our listing is in a location in the Catskills of NY that doesn’t have cell phone service and until last week only had bad satellite internet service which we didn’t provide to our guests (data caps, expensive, etc). We always advertised it as a place to ‘disconnect’ and get away from gadgets and distractions. In the past month, we’ve gotten access to real high-speed internet service which we’ve had installed there. But tonight, looking back at our reviews, so many people commented on how great it was to go to a place where they could disconnect and not have wi-fi and cell service.

So my question: should we keep internet or get rid of it?

You can offer it and they can choose not to use it. Because you haven’t offered it in the past, your guests didn’t expect it and those who found internet access important probably didn’t book with you. By offering internet access you are opening your rental to be appealing to many more guests.
Sounds like more rentals to me!!!

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You can also experiment. Try offering internet for a while and see what happens. You can always go back to not offering it. Personally, I need internet, even when traveling and on vacation and would not be likely to choose a location that had no internet or cell service. But there are probably many people who would choose it just because they could unplug.

Maybe watch your competition. Given it is new, you may need to offer it if everyone starts to have internet as an amenity. There will be a subset of guests who will only book places offering internet. How is your occupancy level?

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Offer internet, you’ll get more bookings.


Yes offer it, people do not really want to disconnect…



Yes I’m in the offer it catagory. If people really want to unplug they will do that regardless of service.

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We are jumping through hoops right now in order to offer internet to our guests. Most people are shocked that we do not have a phone line up here. “Relax and unplug” yes, but it’s understandably a drawback or a no-go for potential bookings.

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I would keep it. Guests staying longer will want to reconnect with friends and family after a few days.

I only stay in places with internet. My work depends on having it. (Both Airbnb and the e-commerce site I manage.). Yes, it would be nice to be able to disconnect but the flexibility of being able to travel whenever I want is worth the need to plug in a few times a day.

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I’ll chime in and agree with the “offer it” crowd. I’m certain it will open up your pool of potential renters. I’m one of those who cannot be without internet, even when traveling, due to the nature of my work.


I’d offer it as well. If someone really wants to disconnect, they are free not to use it. Just my personal experience, even if I stay in a place that is away from it all and the purpose of my trip is to relax and disconnect, at one point I’m going to want to check emails or the news…

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Offer it. How else will they make their friends jealous by uploading pics of your Instagram worthy location with the line: “getting away from it all”.

Choice is what guests want. Offer it.

Our occupancy is good with lots of repeat visitors. We’ll probably end up keeping it. Thanks for your feedback!

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