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To Bunkbed or not to bunkbed that is the question

Looking for some advice/knowledge/tips on furnishing my studio.

Basically have 2 options:

sleep 6 with: full/queen bunk beds and a queen air mattress

sleep 4 with: regular full/queen bed with a queen air mattress

any recommendations or thoughts/experience in general with bunkbeds?

Bunk beds are good for kids but I hate making them.

I don’t know your local rental market, @prestaft, but in my city, squeezing 6 persons in a studio would be a call for bad reviews from guests and conflicts with neighbours. 4 sounds enough. What about two bunk beds and no air mattress ?

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Ok, but still, what’s better…bunk beds or a real bed and an air mattress?

Lots and lots of airbnbs allow 2 guests - having space for 4 will open your market a bit more.

If you use an air mattress you’ll have to charge less. I used one for about 6 months and had no complaints - but if you read the details of air mattresses for sale on Amazon you will see that they specify they are not intended for daily use. Mine gave out in the middle of a mulit-night booking so I had to spend most of an entire day scrambling around looking for a replacement. It was stressful. I went with a real bed and have had lots of compliments on it.

My kids love bunk beds and would think of it as a treat.

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