'Tis the Season for the non-EC Cancellations.....and Requests

Today I get a request from a guest with 0 guest reviews and 1 host review for a townhome in the next town over at a resort development…In high season for a week.

I’m an owner of a townhouse at Beachy Resort in NextTownOver- I’m needing a place to land until I can get into my rental on the 14th March. If my renters check out earlier will I be able to cancel remainder of the booking? What is your refund policy? Thanks XXXX

Wants March 9th-14th. My refund policy is Strict and I sent her the info along with explaining that as a new host and never guest she may not realize that she’s seriously inconveniencing someone who only has a room in a home as hosting inventory and I may not be able to fill it.

I’ve told her the usual - if I can book again I might refund her for the days she doesn’t stay.

We’ll see. It is seeming like the latest batch of inquiries have been all about using AirBnB as a backup instead of seeing us as small business owners, who, unlike hotels can’t easily absorb the hits.

I had one create a fuss and then book somewhere cheaper. Her reviews are all good; however, I think she comes into town and bounces from room to room until she finds the cheap one she wanted in the first place.

-end rant- grrr…

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@casailinglady People seem to have less than a lot of respect for small business owners in general, especially when they are female and their business involves something which might be thought of as somehow less than professional, as if women just do these things because they like to, like providing a nice room in their home, or sewing or cooking. When I had an upholstery shop in town, a few times I had other women come in my shop and say they had some curtains to hem up but they knew how to sew, just didn’t have a sewing machine and could they just come in and use my machines for awhile.
Just today I had some woman I don’t know, who has just started a business in my town, also doing upholstery, call me asking me for all my sources of foam, fabric, etc. Like I’m just going to give her all that info, even though she is my competition, out of some sisterly rapport.
Would someone go to a mechanic shop and ask if they could just borrow the mechanic’s tools so they could fix their own car?


These days, probably. And the gall is amazing. I mean if I’m opening a competing upholstery shop in your town, I’m going to wine and dine you to get your sources. (I’m polite). I’d also set up a referral system whereby if I were too busy, I’d use you as backup and show you my work so you’d be comfortable referring me.

But hey, it’s how I’ve been doing business for over 25 years and sleeping at night. OK, that’s a fib. I don’t sleep at night but at least this isn’t one of the reasons those freaking little voices won’t shut up. :smiley:


Kinda like the “new” hosts who post here to extract content for their sites or get advice and troll for customers for their start-ups?
The best free advice I’VE gotten is from our family matriarch (who was a corporate big wig in her day) – charge what you’re worth and don’t give it away for free.

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What is she, a feckin aeroplane?


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I sent her the info, told her I’d think about refunding her if I could book the dates she cancels (yeah, right), and then asked her if she still wants to book.

Crickets. :cricket: