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"Tips to get guests' attention"

AirBnB apparently think I need to work harder to get Guests’ Attention, and suggest looking for inspiration… in my own listing?

Is this popping up on anyone else’s dashboard?

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No, not yet. Drop price and turn on IB would seem to benefit Airbnb more than you I think!
Can we have a look at your listing?


Too funny that they use your listing as an example of how you could improve your listing!
I have not gotten that message yet, but my friend, who I helped her set up her ABB, did get it and my listing was the example.


Um, you have 50 reviews and are a superhost. Ignore their suggestions!


No I haven’t gotten it. I frequently block days when I’m going to be busy or have a lot of dogs here. The remaining days are about 40% booked. I wonder if there is a certain threshold below which they start calling you (like they did to @konacoconutz) or putting this on your dashboard.

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@Sarah_Warren @KKC hehe, i don’t currently have any availability (and I’ve always used instant book), so I’m guessing this is just entirely generic advice they’re accidentally targeting too widely.

@Australia the listing is here https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/1116652


You should be getting the “rare find” tag then. The whole system cracks me up!

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The call was mystifying. It felt like a shape up call, disguised as a “we care about making you successful” call.

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Ooh, can you link back to the post about then phone call?

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good looking home… not the typical bland U.S home i’m used to finding on AirBnB

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