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Tips requested on ensuring inquiring guests respond

I am wondering if anyone has tips on ensuring that guests respond after their initial inquiry. I know that people may be emailing more than one accomadation. While I do respond quickly and I do answer their questions, I do seem to lose a few people in this process and I was wondering if any successful hosts have any tips on making sure they stay engaged. Thanks for any advice in advance.

I had that same question for the forum, and posted my typical reply. Our fellow-hosts let me know that I sounded a bit to eager…

Why don’t you post a typical reply? We’ll see how it sounds.

Of course, the other issue is - are you confident that your price is in-line with your amenities, and, is there something you need to add to the listing that will weed out the inquiries that aren’t a good fit?

If you like, post a link to your listing.

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