Tips on non-ugly padlock?

If I want to lock the exterior of an interior door (to keep guests from going into a small room where I might store my hoards of diamonds and doubloons and my preccciousssss – OK I mean my laptop, some personal papers and the few pieces of jewelry I own that are worth anything), anyone have a simple solution that avoids that junkyard/prison vibe? Hasp and padlock was my first thought, but I have decorative molding and no urge to do any routing and, well, ugleeee.

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Maybe an electronic keypad? I use a padlock for our supply closet. It’s not the prettiest solution, but it works for us.

Why not just swap out the door handle for one that locks?


Bluetooth padlock or fingerprint padlock if you want something padlock. I’d go with having a standard deadbolt or locking handle. If it’s really valuable you might want a fire proof safe bolted to the wall or floor in the room

I have a built-in floor safe (covered by carpet), a wall safe with a combination lock, and a hidden drawer in a wall cabinet that slides open with a trigger button ~
…but I don’t have anything to put in them. :frowning_face: :disappointed_relieved:

(Previous owner was a bejeweled little ol’ lady and her late husband.)


Sounds very James Bond

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I know, right?!

And get this…our Tahoe house has a wall safe (also unused) :disappointed_relieved: … and the previous owner must have had a memory problem because she wrote the combination in four areas throughout the house! (duhh!)

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remove the current door handle and put a keyed lock on the door.
then hang a full length floor to ceiling mirror over the door as as disguise, or have on custom made, or if there is room, put a piece of furniture in front of the door.

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If you have that kind of money and like cool things take a look at Murphy doors.

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very very cool thank you

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I want one for the doorway between my guest room and my hall but am hoping to get one cheaper than what I’m currently seeing.

If there are valuables. Add a deadlock bolt as well. Guests are shameless.