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Tips for "squeaky" bed

We have had rave reviews about how comfortable our bed is, but the last guest gave us private feedback that the bed “squeaked” I told my husband (resident handy man) and he basically blew it off. I think he thought since it was a couple they were probably making the bed squeak a bit and it wouldn’t be an issue. Well our new guest has also mentioned it to us and my husband says he doesn’t really know how to fix it. It’s a nice bed frame, but it’s probably 10 years old and not solid wood. Any suggestions or tips for fixing a squeaky bed? If we can’t figure it out should we look into getting a new bed frame?

Tighten all the fastenings for a start. How is the humidity where you are?

My dad always tells me to spray mr sheen (furniture polish) on anything squeaky. It sometimes works

Or WD40 - as long as you know which bits are squeaky.

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