Tips for "improvement"?

Hi :slight_smile:

I am just here to vent, nothing too dramatic :slight_smile:

I just read through some of my revues and found the “areas to improve” …

One tells me “floors”… which annoys me, as I have very nice timber floors downstairs… but as my house is open to 2 verandas and the pool, some of my guests just walk through the house with wet feet, dripping water all over the floor, bringing sand back from the beach … I am sweeping the floor at least twice a day, so I am a bit cheesed off with that “revue”…

The other one tells me “kitchen amenities”… my kitchen is fully set up for catering for at least 12 people, all appliances and utensils are of the “professional” kind…

I host overseas students as well, which is clearly stated in my profile, most of the time there are 4 different languages spoken in my house…

I really enjoy hosting students (for 27 years now), and with some of my airbnb guests I am friends for years now…

I just find it a bit unfair to criticise those issues, thank you for listening :slight_smile:

Some people just like to complain. I would look at the Majority and choose to improve on reasonable items.

If quite some people complain or you are constantly pissednoff by the wet floor, maybe you can find a solution to address it like adding a rug or something

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Some people complain about the silliest things. Ignore them & roll on. If an entryway rug may help then consider adding it.

yes, rugs, bathmats, towels… :slight_smile:

you are right :slight_smile: rugs are worse … then vacuuming as well :slight_smile:

Do you live in your property too? If so, I would be very cheesed off at cleaning the floors x 2 daily. If you don’t, why are you going in to do so for them? When we’re staying in a holiday let, I feel it’s our responsibility to keep it clean, unless there is a daily maid service.

I’m not sure I’d go down the rug route if sand is being brought in. Perhaps provide a range of cheap flip flops (jandals) out on the verandas and add something to your House Rules along the lines of “We host up to a maximum of 12 guests at anyone time, and everyone’s comfort is our concern. Please therefore try not to drip water from the pool on the wooden floors inside the house, or to bring sand back in from the beach.”

Of course, we know most guests won’t read this, but you may feel better for having it there.

Just a thought; the beach house we stay in regularly in Portugal has an outdoor shower which we use to clean up after a trip to the beach. I find the main problem with sand getting into the house is from grains trapped in the pages of books and bags.


It’s my home :slight_smile: in one of the most beautiful places in Australia, the Gold Coast …

Overseas language students, visitors, a puppy, some guests with children… in short - a HOME … a “home away from home”… nobody is left alone, all are welcome … very often people stay for weeks, had some guests for months as well

I laugh most of the time, give tons of towels to my guests… and then I see “something to improve - floor” … schmack :slight_smile:

Or the one “kitchen amenities” … I had to laugh, I am from the hospitality industry, and we have lots of cook ups, so I am well stocked in the kitchen department, heck- I have an icecream maker :slight_smile:

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