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Tips and tricks on cleaning tub?

Dear Fellow Hosts:
Here’s a question on cleaning: I’m spending way too much time cleaning the tub/shower of my Miami rental apartment; I use the “cleaning foam” that is supposed to clean on its own, let it stay for a few minutes and then I scrub it with a scrubbing sponge at the end of a stick (don’t know the name of this apparatus). I have also used liquid bleach and other products. However, even with guests who are staying for 3-4 days, it takes really a lot of scrubbing to remove the “ring around the tub” to make the tub sparkle. Do you have any good suggestions to reduce my cleaning time and effort?

What sort of material is the tub made of?

I use Barkeepers’ Friend and although you need to wipe it with a cloth, it only takes a few seconds :slight_smile:

Do you get people who go to the beach and then shower leaving a lot of sand in the tub? That’s my major bathroom problem.

the tub is made of the normal white material that you see everywhere in the US, I think enameled steel. And getting rid of beach sand is another difficult thing not matter how many times I rinse the tub.

I’m thinking about getting a wet & dry vacuum cleaner just for getting rid of the sand!

The trouble is that in our 1949 apartment the sand goes down the pipe and makes the tub drain slowly. It’s a constant problem.

my other problem is findings Cheerios in every hidden spot! Kids!

Thank goodness that we are not kid-friendly :slight_smile:

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I have a sign that says: “Sensitive septic. Please leave sand at the beach!”

Great idea! I need to do that. Thank you :slight_smile:

Another thing I got that I love is called the “hair snare.” it’s a white hair trap that you get at Home Depot and keeps just about every offending thing from going down the drain. Yeah it’s a bit gross to clean, but then so are sludgy drains full of guest hair. :frowning:


Thanks - I need that definitely. Our last guest (who was a total sweetheart) had long purple hair :slight_smile:

Cleaning a hairy drain is better than cleaning a mucky toilet any day!

I spray a citric acid-based cleaning product (mine is a French brand but it is comparable to Method Bathroom Cleaner, or better, Attitude Bathroom Cleaner in Canada), I let it sit for a few minutes then I wipe all tile, fixtures and tub with a wet microfiber cloth. I rinse then dry the tile and fixtures with a dry microfiber cloth to avoid any water spots. I let the tub air-dry.

Yellow marks around the drain are limescale deposits. Bleach is useless as it won’t dissolve limescale. Any anti-limescale cleaning product will do the trick, or any acidic substance will work (lemon juice, vinegar, citric acid … Please note that you should not use vinegar on chrome though).

You should always choose an acidic cleaning products for tubs and showers, as acids will dissolve soap deposits as well.

thank you for your good suggestions!!

Over on the Gulf Coast, I use Publix brand Mildew Remover and/or Clorox to clean the shower (don’t have a tub). Those “scrubbing bubbles” are worthless; get a “real” basin-tub-tile cleaner .

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Ken, thank you for your advice!

I have a diy combo of vinegar, blue dawn that works pretty good for me. I don’t have a tub but a tiled shower so I use Lysol first then this combo to brighten the shower stall.

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I like Comet brand powdered cleaner and I use a Magic Eraser “sponge.” It is an abrasive and will fine on enamel, porcelain and tile but use with caution on polished surfaces like chrome. If you haven’t added magic eraser and high quality (Scotch brite) microfiber cloths to your cleaning kit you must do so ASAP. Barthelemy is absolutely correct if you have hard water deposits about using an acid based product. If it’s just that slightly greasy brownish tinted human dirt I think you will be very pleased with Comet and magic eraser.

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thank you, fellow hosts, for your kind advice!!

I need that! I am googling it right now.

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