Tipping House Manager/Concierge

We manage remotely and depend on our housekeeper and manager/concierge to take care of our guests. They are paid well and do a wonderful job. Our manager has an airport pickup service if they wish to avail themselves of it. If not, he meets them at the house, shows them around and answers questions. He is also available to help them with tours, reservations, etc. Some guests ask for extra things that are not a part of his duties. What is a polite way to say that they might consider giving him a tip when they leave? Thanks for any ideas.

Ugh. When I went to Costa Rica we left tips for our driver even though we paid him. Stupid, selfish people! Perhaps you can include in your listing which tasks are included and which are for an extra fee?

I have never heard of tipping an Airbnb host. In the hotel industry, you don’t tip the check in person. If he is providing an extra service as a guided tour then a specific rate should be established and still he should not expect a tip. Even the hotel industry the housekeeper does not normally get a tip unless it is very high end and even then it is doubtful. I go out of the way for my guests even doing things we normally do not offer and would never expect a tip. Also, you didn’t indicate where you are but most European countries and others do not tip and find that it is puzzling that we do.

I always tip the housekeepers when I stay at a hotel or motel. (usa)


I guess I’m out of the loop. I tip housekeepers regardless of the hotel unless the service is subpar. But in any case it sounds like the question isn’t about a host but about a service provider being asked to provide extra services.

As host I don’t expect to be tipped but if you ask me to make you breakfast, give you a ride to the airport, or grocery shop for you I’d expect compensation.

That’s why I suggested fees rather than tipping instructions.


Of course we do. Which European country are you from ?

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You could include in your welcome letter something like: “Susan and Joseph are part of our team, and work hard to ensure you have a wonderful vacation. Should you wish to tip them, we suggest a tip of $5-10 US per day.”

We have a villa with staff - housekeeper/cook/concierge, night caretaker, and pool/day maintenance man. And we have a driver that works for us (and others). We include in our document a statement like the one above. You can’t force people to tip, but you can put the idea in their head that’s it OK


I’ve always tipped in hotels. Housekeepers and others, in the USA and throughout Europe. You mean you don’t even tip the porters or the room service wait staff? And I’m amazed that you’ve never heard of tipping an Airbnb host. Over the years, I’ve had many guests leave $20 or so on the table when they check out. This is in addition to various gifts and gift vouchers.


We stayed in a rental in Key west that had a little sign and envelope to leave a tip for the housekeeper.

I always tip bellboys, wait staff etc. Yes, I have heard and have receive “thank you’s” from my guests but I would never mention it in my listing nor would it be something I would expect my guests to do. I run a personal Airbnb, not a mini hotel with staff that would expect tips for their services and that could be the difference in our mind-sets.

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Helsi, it has been many years since I looked at tipping in Europe and I am incorrect, call me old…lol…customs have changed.

Nope. It’s customary - motel or hotel, whatever the price point.

It may be customary, I do tip housekeepers, but honestly after working in the hotel industry for over 17 years, it is very rare for it to actually happen.

I apologize if I have offended anyone in my response to this question. Customs change I was not on the up and up on tipping overseas since I don’t travel anymore. Tipping should be a something given for excellent service not something that is to expected, hinted at etc. If you have a super high end listing that includes wait staff, limo drivers, cooks, on site housekeepers than you would certainly get clientele that should know when/how to tip. Again, Sorry…

Here in Australia, no tipping unless the service is extraordinarily good. Recently went on a tour in Israel and Jordan, in our paper was the statement that gratuities were included in the tour price!

I agree, I know some people tip their housekeeper at hotels, however, I would assume it is a very low %. I wish they would allow you to tip at the check in. I could pass this through as a business expense. (Like at restaurants) Half the time I don’t have cash with me when on trips.

I always leave something for housekeeping at hotels. I also have a new appreciation of what they have to deal with since I’ve been hosting! I would not be offended to see a small sign “Has our housekeeper, maintenance person or concierge provided exemplary service? Your optional gratuity may be left in the envelope.”

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Our concierge some times holds the bags for our guests who arrive early or wish to leave bags for a late flight. they took it for granted that they could leave their bags with the concierge as the apartment was connected to a hotel. As you can imagine this was starting to annoy the concierge.

We now mention to guests if you wish to leave your bags with them, show your appreciation by leaving for them a small tip. I also mention that we there is longer terms storage at the cost of nearby at the cost of £30 for 4-hours. 90% of the time this results in a tip for the concierge keeping them happy.

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