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Tip: ask guests to write reviews in their language

Hello :slight_smile:

Just wanted to share something I discovered thanks to one of my last guests.

I always meet guests when they checkout and usually ask them to please write a review and to write it in their native language: I think a prospective guest is more likely to trust a review written by a guest from the same country (and reviews in several languages look cool :sunglasses: on a listing).

But lately it appeared it has another benefit :not-so-great reviews get less exposure ! I now have one review mentioning noise in one of the bedrooms (first out of 47 stays)… but it is written in danish and let’s say I think I can live with a smaller share of the Danish market :blush:

Plus as Airbnb sorts reviews by language, reviews in “other languages” appear last !


I wouldn’t be so sure. If I am looking to stay somewhere I just use the Google Translate facility to translate any reviews.

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