Tip about avoiding declines

From another forum, a tip that I’ll certainly take advantage of!

I had a recent request that ignored my booking question and simply said, “Hey. Can’t wait to spend the night.” Really??!! I found a sneaky way to not have to decline the request if the guest is new and not very savvy. I replied, “I’m sorry I won’t be able to accommodate you, but if you withdraw your request, you won’t be charged!” They withdrew the request immediately and I didn’t get charged with a decline!

This might be worth trying when I get the truly clueless or entitled…


Nord–pretty swift

I get get short notes just like that, some of which are ESL speakers, which I return with a long note and wait for them to acknowledge all. 90% do write back, with “got it” to "I’ve read all and still want to come +more details " Then they get an even longer note from me… but I still think it’s not much better screening than if I had IB.

Personally @NordlingHouse , I would never try and get a guest to withdraw their request as my first response to a newbie requesting to booking with me, who doesn’t supply the information I need to consider their booking .

It doesn’t seem like a good approach. As surely we all want to turn requests into booking if there is the potential for them to be a good match?

Instead I thank them for their interest and remind them of the information I need from them to be able to confirm their booking. In the vast majority of cases, they then go onto supply it.