Tiny “problem”, very annoying

Because I was raised in a barn, :wink: I have this nagging little question about towels & table linens:
Is it good housekeeping or whatever, to leave the sewn-in labels or remove them? I’ve never thought about it for my personal linens because, who cares?
Or, is it “tacky” to keep these labels on?
“Problem” is, My dark-colored towels & bright table linens have big, floppy labels, which get wrinkled & don’t always lie flat, need tucking under (ironing? noooooo!!!) to look “finished” ( to my eye); my partner can’t be bothered, & he does most of the room prep.
I did cut the label out of a dark-colored towel , which left a slight piece of the white label, which then frayed…I could go on, but wow, this is OCD!
This doesn’t keep me up at night, but is annoying -“ enquiring minds must know!”

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I remove them if they are large and unsightly, otherwise I leave them.

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And only another Airbnb host would understand why this dilemma bugs you! I leave them in if it’s a better quality item (so from John Lewis, Zara Home or Harrods (2 pillowcases, presents from daughter) and usually cut off the Ikea ones … snobbish, moi?


Even if I can’t get the noticeable label remnant out of the stitching?
(Deep red towels.) That, to me, would look like I’m dressing up cheaper towels…but it’s probably the best idea. Mess with it more & towel will fray or I make a hole

White towels, linens, etc are your friend. Small black makeup towels, too.

White. Bleach, borax, oxyclean, shout…


I absolutely hate whites. I had all of my favorite earth and jewel tones. My cleaner made me replace everything with whites. I still have all the colored stuff in the closets and it’s what we use when we are staying there. That way we don’t ever accidentally stain the whites lol.

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Casailing, thanks - white sheets - great- but nothing in the “theme” of guest room/ en-suite bath would harmonize with white towels, and guest comments encourage me not to change it :wink:

Not meaning to sound dismissive with excellent suggestions!

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LoneStar, I love color - “decor” (ugh) just organically grew from my beloved Moroccan mirror, and my kitchen linens/ mats from Thailand - so deep red just works!

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I had all my favorite beachy tones and changed to whites due to staining. I’d prefer to do up the colors, but it’s not worth it.

I’m in-home host so I have the beachy stuff in my suite.

We all love that Air hosts have such diverse properties and decor!!

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It doesn’t keep me up either but I do think that labels are tacky. I remove them and, if they are sewn well in, I unpick then re-sew the seams.

Yes, I know, why bother which such small details? Because my personal view is that the attention is in the details.


I was raised in a barn, too, @rubychix, so you can’t go by me, but I remove labels in the guest space because I have been removing them forever in my own space.
I hate them.
The only labels I leave in are the “made with love by grandma” ones my mother sews into her blankets. Hate them, but love her, so it’s a compromise. :slight_smile: .


This is just too cute! :wink:

But I take labels off too. It’s pretty obvious that it’s a feather duvet and the towels are Indian cotton. They don’t have to know it’s from Costco!

And I am also a member of the white brigade. When a towel has had it’s day, I rip it into squares and use it in place of paper towels.


I remove because they are stiff, scratchy and uncomfortable against the skin if the towel is actually used.


Can’t be bothered. Just fold or hang them so the labels aren’t sticking out. (In real life, as I have both a full and queen sized bed in MY part of the house, I marker the sheet labels “Q” or “F” so I don’t drive myself mad.)


Seriously? Jeez your occupancy rate must be off the scale!

#insert rude Spanish expression for person with too much money>>


OK, I dont know how you guys handle. To answer the question, I dont care about the labels at all. I dont remove them for me, I dont remove them for guests either.
But heck, all these white bed sheets set have started to behave like socks!
There are pieces missing. They might be white but they are different. Sme are soft, some are silky, some are starchy… I bought them in separate phases… And I cant keep it together. The pillow cases disappear. And the problem is snowballing.

With colored bed sheets it’s easier to spot who belongs to who. Help!

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We have just two beds to manage—one queen and one double. Oh, we also have a rarely used twin-sized air mattress, but that bedding is considerably smaller and easy to keep separate.

For the queen bed, all our sheets are white-on-white stripes. For the double bed, all our sheets are plain white.

Makes it easy to differentiate them.


Excited to see lower price on “envelope” pillowcases on Amazon this week: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07JLJ91NN/ref=ox_sc_act_title_3?smid=A3E3ZDH88QVVPP&psc=1
Love the flap that keeps makeup (and drool, I suppose) off the pillow protectors. This queen size fits all my various size pillows.
Kinda pathetic though what rings my chimes, as an Airbnb host . . .


I left them on my towels because they were wonderful towels, I wanted to remember where they came from and the style number, and people commented about liking them. (We are in/near Asheville so some people thought it was neat that they were Biltmore towels).

Then the amount of “Where did you get these towels?” questions increased … My dang caretaker had cut all the tags off! :woman_facepalming:


Ahhh, comforting: I’m not OCD unless that means Only Concerned with Details😉. In hospitality, as in cooking, I believe details make all the difference - thanks!

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