Tiny events bring thrill for this host

With July and August fully booked and most guests staying only one night, life is all about looking for another container of Chlorox wipes I’m certain I purchased but apparently didn’t.

This morning I dragged weary me into the suite after check-out to find the first guests in over three years didn’t use the bathtub. Plug still closed and dry, soap on bathmat still in it’s wrapper, not a hair in sight.

The thrill I felt must be of the same flavour as when I saw the babies’ nappies flapping on the clothesline many years back, because that was the image my memory called up.

Not something I’d mention in a review, but It’s the first time I’ve appreciated guests with hygiene standards lower than most guests.


I’ve surprisingly had a number of guests who seemingly arrive, lay down, use the toilet, get up and leave. Sometimes the towel is still folded and put aside, very little hair left, the don’t use the provided amenities. There is also the handful of guests who cancel last minute and I get paid for doing nothing.


I love it when the guests don’t eat the supplied snacks and drink the supplied wine — because then I can :slight_smile:


Small pleasures are the best!!! Especially when it comes to things not needing to be cleaned.


@astralita12 Did you have my grandson to stay?

Well, yes, Chica, your grandson was in that group, but he didn’t use the bathtub because he’s so dedicated to saving water. He did go down to the river to bathe, with his bio-degradable non-toxic soap.
You must be so proud of him :slight_smile: