Timing of payout when guest extends reservation

Hi, I had a guest extend his reservation by 10 days after he’s been here a week, and Airbnb can’t tell me when I’ll receive the payout. I’ve spoken to two reps (one being a case manager) and have been given 3 different answers: the money will be released today (same day as the modification), 24 hours after the reservation modification, or at the end of his stay. Does anyone know what the real answer is? In the past the money has always been released immediately, so I don’t understand why Airbnb has given me 3 different answers and in the end they said they don’t know when the money will be released. I’m not going to let this guest stay 10 extra days without assurance from Airbnb that the money will be released but can’t seem to get a straight answer from Airbnb.


I’ve only ever had someone add one day after they had checked in but I got the money the next day…the day after the reservation starts is the standard so it makes sense the extension would be the day after the extension starts.

I have had two extensions and got the money at the very least by the next day

Did you get the money the day after the extension started or the day after the extension was agreed upon (assuming those were different days).

Payout is usually 24 hours after check-in (to eliminate payments for fraudulent/non-existent/uninhabitable listings). Where we host, it posts ~3pm the day following check-in.

Years ago, when I did longer-term bookings in another state, the payments would sometimes be split into two (monthly?) cycles, but never more…and also never at the end of a stay.

Did he modify he current reservation? or make a new reservation to extend his stay? When the reservation was extended did it go over the 30 day mark? I have had all 3… modified I usually got within 2 days of the change. New reservation I got the day after the reservation started. Over 30 days and a modification was made then I got the balance of the 30 days and then remainder at the beginning of the next 30 days.

Ahhh, now I understand the two payments. Thanks!

It can depend on certain factors. The TOS are written broadly to cover the processing times in different countries. Obviously, Airbnb wants to set good expectations and allows the most time possible. However, things can go wrong - the guests credit card might have expired, or any number of things could happen that might delay a payment. (Airbnb does send you a message if there are payment issues) It can also depend on your financial institution’s processing speed.

You can always check your Transaction History. Does it say Pending or Processing? I once had a payment get stuck in “Pending” and had to call and have someone assist with getting it to move to “Processing” (or “Processed” - I forget what the exact term is) - I think that happened once, when there was a modification to the guest’s stay, but that was 3 or 4 years ago.

In my experience, in the US, if a guest extends and the total time of the stay is less than a month, the funds are release almost immediately - or at the longest, within 24-hours. (Same for refunds if a guest cancels - they get their money back within 24-hours).

Stays of a month or more, are paid out on the monthly anniversary, but funds are typically received within 48-hours… in my experience.

He modified his current reservation and it is still less than 30 days total. I finally got a notification that the payment will be released today (hours after he modified the reservation).