Time to separate host types

Separating the corporate from the local single hosts s long overdue.
There are now so many rentals in my town that it is virtually impossible to be seen, even when guests are working the map.

I am a superhost who is completely booked for the spring and then virtually nothing for June…peak rental. This is the second year this has happened. I cannot continue on the platform if this continues.

As a guest, I prefer a local, individual host and there are many people who do. It would be simple to add this as a filter for rental requirements.


VRBO does that.

The number of rentals in my area have increased and many are now property manager run BUT it is difficult to tell because the owner makes the management company a co-host.

It might seem overdue from the host’s point of view but is it from the guest’s viewpoint? If guests cared, they wouldn’t book with hosts who have more than one listing.

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Nashville now has over 7000 offerings and the huge majority are now corporate…singl guys are hard to find.

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How can you tell if there is a cohost on a listing? Would it show up on the main page of the listing along with the host?

If this would be true you would have more bookings. Professionally managed listings and individual listings can both be great.

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Having a co-host does not necessarily mean that it is a management company. We have a host and co-host and we do it because while I am the main host if I am for some unforeseen reason not available the other “host” can step in. We both keep up with what is going on and it protects us from things slipping thru the cracks and better customer service. But yes I agree if they are managed by a company it should be identified.

I don’t know. I know my neighbor uses a property management company and it is her picture that displays. You can’t tell she uses a property management company until the booking process starts and they are the ones who reply. She told me she listed them as a co-host.

You can tell on our listing because we are one of only a handful in the area that are owner operated with one solo listing and we explicitly state that “above the fold” in the short description.

Market it. Stand out to the guests who care.

Marketing opportunity to educate prospects why it matters, if you think it does (I do; our guests are guests…not transactions).

Exactly. Which is why I prefer to concentrate on guests and not what the bloke down the street is doing.

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