Time to involve Air. The next page makes no sense

The guest declined to pay what we asked. So, I clicked through the link to involve air. The first question on that page is “How many nights did you stay at the listing?” The next question is “How many guests stayed at the listing?” and “Is there anything else you would like to add.”

This sounds like Air thinks we’re the guests. Did we or Air set up our claim incorrectly?

Also, rather than responding through the resolution center, the guest messaged us through our inbox. They didn’t deny anything and so we want this considered by the case manager.

Is anyone familiar with any of the above and have any advice? Thanks!

I’ve had good luck in figuring out stuff, having questions answered quickly by using the Facebook site:

Sounds like you need to “switch to hosting” first cause you’re in guest mode?? Sorry haven’t encountered this. Thankfully.

CALL AirBnb – I’ve always had good results, here in the States anyway, with talking to a real person. It dos sound as if you’re connection to things is in Guest Mode rather than Host Mode.

How can they decline to pay what you are asking and yet you let them stay??? That is simply against AirBnb booking policy and procedure. They Request to Book at the price you have set, and you either Accept their request at the price, or Decline their Request to Book. The guest pays in advance, NOT at the door. No request at your price, no Acceptance on your part, no Booking. Nothing else is acceptable. If you let them in under any other circumstances, then you are at fault, and Air will probably not back you up…

Sorry for the confusion. This is a follow up to a other post I made about guest damage and working with the Resolution Center. I finally called and even Air admitted the questions are geared toward guests but said to answer with the number of nights the guest stayed and the number of guests in the party.