Time lag on the app

I’ve noticed there is a 4-5 minute lag on the Airbnb app compared to email. In other words, when a guest sends a message it takes 5 minutes to get it and I assume it takes them 5 minutes to get my reply. If someone is waiting for an important message this could be a real annoyance. And you know if someone is annoyed your review will pay the price, not Airbnb.

People always advocate keeping messages on the platform but texting could be much better in some cases.

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Hey, I’m noticing the delay on the app too but I also get a partial text on my phone (that you can’t reply to) but then the message shows up a few minutes later on the app. I have no idea how I set this up (probably in my Airbnb phone app settings under notifications) but it alerts me to check the app.


Same on my end in Europe.
The message notification shows up in 10-15 min. The ring doesn’t work anymore. This started a few days ago.

Yes I get the text right away too; the app notification a few minutes later.

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Again last night…someone wanted to book for the night. Luckily they were still 2 hours out so I was able to get the booking. This morning it took 20 minutes for their check out message to reach me. That’s fine if not time sensitive.

So I guess I’m going to have to enable the SMS messages too? Ugh.

We have the app, text and email notification set up on my phone and only the app on my husband’s phone. He usually gets the app notification first, and on his ancient phone!, even if we are standing right next to each other. Then my newer phone starts bleeping its fool head off. The text and email seem so much more reliable than the app and have saved me when I am on the road and out of service range.

That’s interesting.

maybe that’s the problem. If someone messages me out on the road it’s taking longer perhaps. I’ve activated the SMS for notification of booking requests and guest messages. It’s only a problem a few times a year but I don’t want to miss out on the bookings. The one last night was fantastic, perfect. In at 9 pm, out at 6 am, didn’t use anything, didn’t shower, slept in the bed that’s it. Two quiet and clean dogs that didn’t sleep on the bed. Ka-ching!


Ironically, although I usually get the text before the app message as well, I just got the opposite from the Airbnb Support team when dealing with getting a 1 star review removed for a guest who did not stay.

I’m thinking about not even dealing with the app. Any down side to this<><>? I start texting them when I see their phone number, and use a combo of website and direct phone. Any thing real important I will use the website. Not app happy/ or accustomed.

You can’t see any information about the guest from a text. If you are always in a position to go from text right to computer, it’s fine. If, like me, you are away from home, traveling or out but still need to answer ASAP, the app is helpful. For example, the woman I’ve posted about many times who same day IB’d me in the morning. I hear the ding, look at my cell phone, see it’s for that day and she only has 4 stars. Yes, I then went to my computer to handle the rest of the research and cancellation but was given the heads up ASAP on the app. If I only used text I would have said, oh, a booking, cool, and gone back to sleep. Critical difference, no. Helpful? Yes. When I’m traveling I no longer care to lug my laptop around so use of the app is essential.

In general apps make my life much simpler once I know how to use them.

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Thanks KKC, your points are perfect.
I am likely to get the app. I just have to get the phone set up in my name at the apple store and get a lesson in apping…
New iphone given to me… before last May I had a flip phone haha. Just trying to keep my life under phoneified.

I understand but it’s hard to do if you want to live in the modern world. Lots of useful apps…Lyft and Ring are two I can’t do without. Transit apps when in places like NYC. And from what I understand it’s easier to increase functionality on an app so apps do things the website won’t like getting to see guest stars only on the app. I wouldn’t be shocked if Airbnb tries to force more users onto the app.

Yeah I’d like to have uber or lyfft