Time for photos


What is the best time for taking outside and inside photos?

Do you mean what time of year? What time of day?

I like to take photos when the sun is streaming into the rooms. For the sitting room, that is in the morning, while for the bedroom, the afternoon has warmer light. The bathroom is also better in the afternoon. My pictures are primarily from the late Springtime, but I have done a few updates to the photos at other times of the year.


I think I will do in may when we have the best for flowers in front of the house.
I was thinking to have a photograph to come so maybe he needs to come two different time.

The world is a more beautiful place in the Spring, though if you have a ski lodge, Winter would be a required shot as well! :wink:


I would speak to your photographer s/he will be able to advise on times. We can’t control the weather of course, so s/he might have to return.

I would not photograph the front of your house (the view from the street). This could lead to curious people driving by to check you out or try to see the place before they book, or other not so nice scenarios…

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I recently availed of Air’s photography service and am very pleased with the pics, way better than mine. We were lucky to have a beautiful sunny day but she still turned on the internal lights as she said it would give added ‘warmth’ to the pictures. Would recommend the service if it is on offer in your area. Whether it will boost bookings, as Air believes, remains to be seen.

We have done pictures last year but the place has changed a lot. You can’t get an other time the photographer to come for air bnb and we are listed in several platforms plus our own website

I’ve found that indoor pics are best on a sunny day about 5-3 hours before sundown, as long as you don’t have glare in any of the windows. You want a bit of an angle so you don’t get weird reflections from things outdoors, but not so late that the sun is shining in the windows. Outdoors is generally the same principle.

Every listing is different.
What might be right for you might be totally wrong for me. I have a photograph of the sunrise as seen from the dock. You might not have that advantage.

I prefer our photographs to show the apartment as it will be when guests arrive. As most arrive mid-afternoon then that’s what the photographs show.