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Tiered Payments

Hi I’m new to hosting.

I would like to offer my place at one price if only for a single night and then a discounted price thereafter. It seems I can apply a weekly discount but not ‘step down’ price after one night.

Can anyone suggest how I might act this…?

I think your best option in this situation is to charge a cleaning fee. Then the persons staying 1 night pay the whole fee for the one night…two nights and the fee is split, etc.

Give a special offer that reflects the pricing you are wanting but spread out evenly.

Do you mean the host would send a special offer for every booking? How does the advertised pricing work, then? If the host sets the price at $100 and the guest books for 2 nights, how does it work to send a special offer each time?

Like DC said, figure out the premium you would charge for the single night stay. Make that your cleaning fee.

DCMooney’s cleaning fee suggestion would work.

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