Thumbs up/Thumbs Down Has Gone

I’ve just started reviews for guests who stayed this Bank Holiday weekend. The thumps up/down box has gone. Has anyone else noticed this?

I lied… It’s been moved to the bottom of the page.

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I did a stealth review for a guest yesterday afternoon. Thumbs up and down was alive and well.

There should be more options than just thumbs up/down.

I’d like to see the ‘horizontal thumb’ - guest was decidedly in the meh to so-so category but nothing terminal.
The ‘thumb face palm’ - guest didn’t read any of the instructions or like my latest doozy attempted to open a beer bottle on a dresser tabletop edge with the predictable catastrophic consequences.
The ’ thumb pinching nose’ - Guest attempts to cook kippers at 7am or leaves something rancid and dripping behind in the bin in the room.
The ‘hitch-hikers thumb’ - Guest asks for a discount or is tighter than two coats of dulux and wipes out all the complimentary merchandise.
The ‘flicked v’s’ - When a thumbs down doesn’t no where do enough justice.


I did notice the “Tell Airbnb about this guest” is no longer part of the review process. Does anyone know when that happened?

Maybe they got sick of me saying “Guest didn’t read house rules”, which is what I do when they didn’t run afoul of house rules, but also didn’t give me the “code” that says they actually read them.

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At least 10 months ago it went away.

Not that long ago, or I wouldn’t be familiar with it. I think it went just before Christmas. I doubt any of the algorithms read it much anyway.

This is why so much testimony in court is rubbish! Feels like 10 months ago… been a rough winter!


Indeed! And it has been a rough, long winter here too. Today has been odd (we Brits always discuss the weather, so I hear…), 6 am -12 md cloudy, foggy, humid; 12 md - 7 pm sun, hot 24C, then sudden fog, chill, rush home to put warm clothes on, close the doors, turn the thermostat up. Ho hum. Typical English weather.

I had a guest this week complain that the air conditioner was not yet installed during her check in/room review. The day before she arrived the heat was running! The evening of her check in the temperatures dropped 30º[F], and the entire family closed their windows, turned off the fans, and used the extra blankets in the closet.

Yes, I was concerned even though I explained that this hot day was a one-off. I mean, this woman was really irritated at the lack of A/C. She left use 5-stars in every, single category. phew

Yes, phew phew. I had the heating on last week, but even though it’s humidly chill tonight, the kitchen hasn’t dropped below 21C all day. Old houses were built differently and seem to conserve heat well.

I like rain so when I lived in the UK I always resented the tv weather people referring to “the best of the weather” and meaning sunshine.

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We refer to it as a typical Melbourne “four seasons in one day”.

At the risk of restarting “that argument” I wonder how many people here check to see if the extra blankets have been used and wash them if they have? Of course I only ask for information :japanese_goblin:

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It’s a great song.