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Does anyone know if the is a way to edit the short description that shows in the thumbnail in the search results? I just noticed that it is not something I wrote, and I can’t see a way to modify it.

I’ve noticed the same thing on my listing. So far I haven’t been able to change it :woman_shrugging:

It looks to me like they’ve changed them all to be generic and removed hosts’ ability to give a specific title. I just did an incognito search for stays in the area where my apartment is, and every single listing is “Apartment in Manly” (here’s a screenshot)

so much for trying to be an individual host!
More movement to hotel style listings

As a host I hate it. As a guest, it’s fine, probably better. Host write some useless and even misleading stuff as thumbnails.


Another thing that irks me is that there is no way in the "Filters: to search for a place that includes or offers breakfast. We serve a generous French breakfast (included in the price) .This is one of our main selling points as we are usually just a one night stop-over for people traveling. You would think a platform with “BnB” in the name would have breakfast as a search option.


I tried contacting mine to get it changed (mine lists the wrong neighborhood) and the CS agent would not help. But I didn’t stick with pestering the CS. One of my neighbors did get his changed to the correct neighborhood name.

It’s usually a better idea, and often successful when you get a clueless, unhelpful rep to just call back as if it were a new issue on hopes you get a better rep next time.

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I was thinking that myself. And might even be helpful to hosts for those guests who don’t read thoroughly, even if the host isn’t misleading- it would cut down on the “Oh, you live here? I thought it was an entire private home.”

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I think that thumbnail is the type of lodging you choose: apartment, Tiny house, Guest suite etc and the town it is in.

So, it would be redundant to have that info again in your title. (?)

I used to do breakfasts at my first Air and realized not everyone wants to pay for breakfast when they have a full kitchen. Some people stayed for a week and I didn’t want to bake every day. So, I had to list it on my site with the price and hope people saw it. Quite a few did and appreciated baked goods, fruit, great coffee and tea.

For us, it is a must. The room we rent is in a separate annex with no kitchen, only a hot water kettle for tea… and we are far from anywhere to buy breakfast.

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I think what you’re doing is the right thing since you mostly get one-nighters and it’s included in the price. But, you’re right that they should have breakfast included as a filter.
As a STR where people stayed a week if it was included every morning for 2 people it would get expensive. Did have a guest that came for a week and he and his partner decided to do it every other day. People had to pay cash since it wasn’t included in the rental price. I remember going round and round with myself trying to figure out how to present it.

I used to provide food for a guest to prepare. Often it was partially consumed and I’d have to throw the remainder out. I gave up after that. I feel a bit guilty about the bnb part, but guests seem to know it won’t be available. I only provide teas, coffee and milk.

Don’t feel guilty. I’m sure hosts that provide breakfast every morning are in the minority. It’s hard to do that and keep prices low like AirBnB wants us to do.

Airbnb is just a company name. It doesn’t mean anyone needs to provide breakfast, nor any guest expect it, any more than they expect to have to sleep on an air mattress on the floor. I’ve read threads on other forums where guests say the “bnb” should mean breakfast is provided, but it is always the senior demographic who say that- they are used to traditional bed and breakfast places and assume that Airbnb means the same thing.

I wouldn’t know if I should check a breakfast filter. Our two rentals are separate apartments so I provide breakfast stuff (yogurt, cereal, fruit etc.) for the guests’ first morning so that they can have a leisurely morning without needing to go out to the supermarket or diner.

Other than that, guests are on their own as regards breakfast. So do I provide breakfast or not? I’d say no but having the option as a filter might give me pause for thought.

I think a breakfast filter would cause more problems than not. To some guests, in a homeshare listing, it might mean they expect a cooked breakfast, like they’d get at a restaurant. or if you just leave breakfast items, the guest might complain because it isn’t the type of food they like for breakfast, say you provide non-fat yoghurt when they want full-fat or vice versa (or they are lactose intolerant).

Seems much better to just mention in the listing, or messages to guests, exactly what you provide in the way of breakfast, if anything. I provide coffee and tea, but no food, and have never had a guest who expected it.

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