Thoughts on occupancy rate

Just saw a new stat on my dashboard (or maybe it’s not new and I’ve never noticed it before) and I wanted your opinions on occupancy rate/unbooked nights. What are your numbers for occupancy rate? Mine is about 50% for 2017 so far. Any suggestions for improving this in a city that does not see high tourism rates (Pittsburgh, PA)??

Oh just found mine !!! It’s a new stat, yes.

Not surprised my occupancy rate is so high…cheap as chips is why.

To be honest …do you need to improve your occupancy rate? Have you looked at what other hosts are offering comparison to your listing ?

In my case my listing is priced to go… but I need to attract younger guests who can deal with my unique set up.

That’s a good question to consider. I’m covering my living expenses with some extra for amenities but am looking for other ways to increase my earnings. Thanks for the food for thought :slight_smile:

As with all things I’m not sure that occupancy rate tells the whole story. I would look at maybe identifying your target amount of income per month and then if it’s significantly below what you’re currently making look at ways to raise awareness of your listing (your own marketing, Facebook etc) … or look at listing on other sites.

Mine is at about 60%. The biggest thing i found was pictures. Makes sure you have lots of great pics of everything you offer and that should help increase bookings


My answer is simple: price management well in advance as well as last minute monitoring to ensure you have a booking rather than leave it empty. Identify what is your real expectation of price on a monthly basis, and decide whether you prefer 50% occupancy @ 100USD/night (example), or 70% @75 USD average a night (example again). As for me, I decided to try a service (beyondpricing) to help me manage this, and so far I am happy with the change (I do not work for them). Note however that higher occupancy also means higher costs and work, so your choice :slight_smile:
Good luck.

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Something is wrong with their calculation. It’s saying I have 65% occupancy, but I rarely have unbooked days. I keep my prices very low.

For me a big goal is keeping my cleaning ladies busy. Since I’m in Europe and my five apartments are in Florida, I have to keep them happy. So if I have a 1-2 day gap in the middle of the week, I’ll drop the price down to $29/night just to get the cleaning fee (which goes straight to them).

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